6.1788, All: A LINGUIST Conference?

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Subject: 6.1788, All: A LINGUIST Conference?
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Date:  Sat, 23 Dec 1995 15:10:39
From:  hdry at emunix.emich.edu
Subject:  Re: 6.1762, All: International Conferences in Linguistics
Date:  Sat, 23 Dec 1995 15:10:39
From:  hdry at emunix.emich.edu
Subject:  Re: 6.1762, All: International Conferences in Linguistics
Palto Parsa wrote in 6.1762:
>Subject:  International Conference fee
>. . . it seems to me that there is only one genuinely international,
>widely recognized organization in linguistics: LINGUIST itself. It's
>hard to find anyone in linguistics who hasn't heard of it, and most
>linguists use it, in one way or another, even if only to find out
>what jobs are available.
>So here's a (serious) suggestion: if we really want an international
>conference in linguistics, let's organize one around LINGUIST.  "The 1st
>International LINGUIST Conference" doesn't have a bad ring; and think of
>seeing all the e-mail personalities we know so well in the flesh.  My
>guess is that it would work wonderfully; and we could make sure that
>it would be an awful lot cheaper than the ICL...
I couldn't help wanting to respond, first to thank Palto for the kind
words about LINGUIST.  Not only do they cheer us all up, but they also
sometimes help us wheedle help out of administrators--who, of course,
have never heard of LINGUIST and have a hard time understanding why
we keep asking them to replace our 2400 baud modems and 4MB DOS
machines. . . .
More important, however, I wanted to say that we've been talking
about organizing conferences for some time, though what we've been
discussing is online conferences of the sort they hold in some
other sciences. Face-to-face meetings would be even better, of course;
and Palto's message makes me think it might even be possible sometime
down the line.  Of course, there's the matter of resources...
And that brings me to another point.  I have had what I think is a
brilliant idea :) for raising money for LINGUIST student editors:
why not sell a LINGUIST cookbook?  Yes, I know it doesn't strike
you _immediately_ as brilliant; but did you ever know a linguist
who didn't like to eat and/or cook?  As a friend of mine says,
"Oral is oral."
And we've been trying to think of something we could
print cheaply and sell moderately cheaply at conferences,
giving the profits to the Development Fund.  LSA is already selling
email address lists, so LINGUIST wouldn't want to compete with that.
Our LINGUIST summaries were a possibility, but the good ones deserve
a better format than the copy center leaflet we're contemplating.
So whaddya think:  wouldn't you be willing to send in your favorite
recipe?  Wouldn't you want to find out what your favorite linguists
do in their kitchens? See, I told you it was a brilliant idea.
We might even be able to get Jim McCawley to contribute...
Depending on how many "boo's" I get in response to this message,
I'm seriously thinking of organizing it. . . .
And, in the meantime, I hope you all are having a very happy
holiday.  (No turkey recipes, please!)
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