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----------------------------- Messages --------------------------------
                         UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT
                       WORKING PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS
                      Volume 5: Minimal Working Papers
                    UConn Syntax in the Minimalist Program
We are happy to announce that *Minimal Working Papers: UConn Syntax in
the Minimalist Program*, edited by Elizabeth Laurencot, Rhang Lee, and
Myung-Kwan Park, is now available through MIT Working Papers in
Linguistics. This volume includes the following papers:
Zeljko Boskovic:  Exceptional Case Marking and Greed
Roger Martin:     Oh LF Wh-Movement and Wh-Islands
Kazumi Matsuoka:  Verb Raising in ASL and its Theoretical Implications for
                    the Minimalist Program
Daiko Takahashi:  On Antecedent-Contained Deletion
Asako Uchibori:   Some Asymmetries in the Reconstruction Effect on Anaphora
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