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Subject: 7.1168, Confs: Negation in Groningen, Spoken lg processing (ICSLP 96)
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Date:  Wed, 14 Aug 1996 16:43:47 +0200
From:  hoeksema at let.rug.nl (Jacob Hoeksema)
Subject:  Negation Conference in Groningen: Final Program
Date:  Fri, 16 Aug 1996 15:55:14 EDT
From:  bunnell at asel.udel.edu ("Tim Bunnell")
Subject:  Spoken Language Processing ICSLP 96
Date:  Wed, 14 Aug 1996 16:43:47 +0200
From:  hoeksema at let.rug.nl (Jacob Hoeksema)
Subject:  Negation Conference in Groningen: Final Program
                         "PERSPECTIVES ON NEGATION"
				Final Program
                                August 24-26
                   University of Groningen, The Netherlands
	Theaterzaal Harmonie Complex, Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
Saturday, August 24
 9:00- 9:30    Registration and coffee
 9:30-10:30    Laurence R. Horn (invited speaker): Pick a
               theory (not just ANY theory): Indiscriminatives
               and the Free-Choice Indefinite
10:30-11:00    Anita Mittwoch: Perfective Sentences under
               Negation and Durative Adverbials
11:00-11:30    Coffee
11:30-12:00    Henny Klein: Polarity Sensitivity and
               Collocational Restrictions of Adverbs of Degree
12:00-12:30    Christopher Kennedy: On the Monotonicity of
               Polar Adjectives
12:30-14:00    Lunch
14:00-14:30    Ferdinand de Haan: Negating without negatives:
	       The Case of Evidentiality
14:30-15:00    Anastasia Giannakidou: Semantic Licensing
               Dependencies in Greek
15:00-15:30    Tea
15:30-16:00    Cecile Meier: Licensing NPIs in Because-Clauses
16:00-16:30    Arie Verhagen: The Pragmatics of Let Alone
16:30-17:30    Johan van Benthem (invited speaker): Proofs, Labels
	       and Dynamics in Natural Language
Sunday, August 25
 9:00-10:00    William A. Ladusaw (invited speaker): What Does The
               Theory of Indefinites do for the Theory of NPIs?
10:00-10:30    Utpal Lahiri: Even-incorporated NPIs in Hindi
10:30-11:00    Hotze Rullmann: Focus Particles, Polarity, and Scope
11:00-11:30    Coffee
11:30-12:00    Ton van der Wouden: Negative Polarity Auxiliaries
12:00-12:30    Johan van der Auwera: Negative Modals, in
12:30-14:00    Lunch
14:00-14:30    Kenneth F. Drozd: Reflections of Semantic
               Competence in Child Language Discourse Negation
14:30-15:00    Charlotte Koster and Sjoukje van der Wal: A
               Multidisciplinary Approach to Negative Polarity
15:00-15:30    Tea
15:30-16:00    Alison Henry, Rose MacLaren, Cathy Finlay, and
               John Wilson: The Acquisition of Negative
               Concord in Non-standard English
16:00-17:00    Frans Zwarts (invited speaker): Determinants of Scope
               and Negation in the Language of Children and Adults
Monday, August 26
 9:00-10:00    Raffaella Zanuttini and Paul Portner (invited
               speakers): The Force of Negation in
               Exclamatives and Interrogatives
10:00-10:30    Hugues M. Peters: An Alternative Proposal for
               French Negation
10:30-11:00    Patrick A. Schindler: A Uniform Approach to the
               Licensing of Negative Polarity
11:00-11:30    Coffee
11:30-12:00    Gertjan Postma: Configurationality and Negative
               Polarity: The story of ooit continued
12:00-12:30    Elena Herburger: On the Interpretation of
               Spanish `N-words'
12:30-14:00    Lunch
14:00-14:30    Jack Hoeksema: C-command, Scope and the
               Triggering of Polarity Items
14:30-15:00    L.M. Tovena: Neg-raising: Negation as Failure?
15:00-15:30    Tea
15:30-16:00    Sebastian Loebner: Negation, Predication, and
16:00-17:00    Jay David Atlas (invited speaker): A Typology
               of Negative Quantifier Noun Phrases (or, What
               did they mean, `Don't be so negative!'?)
Date:  Fri, 16 Aug 1996 15:55:14 EDT
From:  bunnell at asel.udel.edu ("Tim Bunnell")
Subject:  Spoken Language Processing ICSLP 96
                 ICSLP 96  -- Update and Reminder
    Fourth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing
                        October 3-6, 1996
                   Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel
                      Philadelphia, PA, USA
Please note the conference hotel is holding a block of rooms and a
special room rate for ICSLP participants until August 28th. It does
not appear to be possible to extend this date. Reservations can be
made directly with the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel at (215)
448-2000. Fax the Wyndham at (215) 448-2864. You must identify
yourself as a member of ICSLP 96 to get the conference room rate.
ICSLP 96 offers a strong and diverse program covering all aspects of
spoken language processing. ICSLP 96 presents an opportunity to keep
up with the latest research and developments as well as network among
other speech professionals.  Registration information, as well as
other information about the conference, can be found on our WWW site
at http://www.asel.udel.edu/icslp/. This site provides registration
forms, information about hotel accomodations, airfare information, and
general information about Philadelphia as well as listings of the full
contents of the technical program.
_____________________Registration Information______________________________
      Full registration includes:
	  Admission to technical sessions, Reception, Banquet,
	  Proceedings (printed & CD-ROM)
      Limited registration includes:
	  Admission to technical sessions, Reception, Proceedings on
      Early Registration fees:
			      Member*  Non-Member  Student
	      Full		$425	  $525	     $250
	      Limited		$300	  $400	     $150
      Late registration:
	      After July 1, add $60
	      After August 9, add $100
      Additional Tickets:
	      Banquet		 $60
	      Reception		 $50
      Additional Proceedings:
	      Printed		$125
	      CD-ROM		 $15
* Sponsoring and Cooperating Organizations:
      The Acoustical Society of America
      The Acoustical Society of Japan
      American Speech and Hearing Association
      Australian Speech Science and Technology Association
      European Speech Communication Association
      IEEE Signal Processing Society
      Incorporated Canadian Acoustical Association
      International Phonetic Association
      Linguistic Society of America
   ICSLP 96
   A.I. duPont Institute
   P.O. Box 269
   Wilmington, DE 19899
   E-mail: ICSLP96 at asel.udel.edu
   URL: http://www.asel.udel.edu/icslp/
   Phone: +1-302-651-6830
   Fax:   +1-302-651-6895
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