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Subject: 7.1181, Calls: Pacific Asia conf, Chinese dialectology
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Date:  Mon, 19 Aug 1996 12:13:40 +0900
From:  paclic96 at nms.kyunghee.ac.kr (PACLIC 11)
Subject:  11th Pacific Asia Conference
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:59:55 PDT
From:  charmii at u.washington.edu (David Prager Branner)
Subject:  Call:  Chinese Dialectology conference
Date:  Mon, 19 Aug 1996 12:13:40 +0900
From:  paclic96 at nms.kyunghee.ac.kr (PACLIC 11)
Subject:  11th Pacific Asia Conference
    Deadline for abstract submission: September 15
                   SECOND CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
                          PACLIC 11
  The Language and Information Society of Korea (formerly the Seoul
  Workshop on Formal Grammar Theory) is pleased to announce that the
  11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and
  Computation (PACLIC 11) will be held at Kyung Hee University, Seoul,
  on December 20-22, 1996. The Conference is an annual meeting of
  scholars with a wide range of interest in theoretical and computational
  linguistics. The Conference solicits abstracts treating any field in
  theoretical and computational linguistics, including syntax, morphology,
  phonology, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics,
  formal grammar theory, natural language processing, and computer
  applications. We plan to feature about 30 papers, and give each paper
  30 minutes for presentation and discussion. Abstracts should be three A4
  single-spaced pages long, including data and references. Please mail
  4 hard copies of the abstract with the title, the author's name,
  affiliation, mailing  address, fax number (if any) and e-mail
  address on a separate page to the  address shown below. Sending the
  abstract by e-mail is acceptable (but no fax submissions). Accepted
  papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.
  Deadline for abstract submission:  September 14, 1996
  Notification of acceptance:  Mid October, 1996
  Submission of full paper due:  November 15, 1996
  Conference: December 20-22, 1996
  Please mail abstracts to:
  Language Education and Research Institute
  Kyung Hee University
  1 Hoegi-dong, Tongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  Korea 130-701
  Or email to: paclic96 at nms.kyunghee.ac.kr
  For further information, write to the addresses above, or phone
  (82-02-961-0080/0021) or fax (82-02-959-9018).
  Byung-Soo Park, Kyung Hee University, Korea (Chairman)
  Chu-Ren Huang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (Co-chairman)
  Akira Ikeya, Tokyo Gakuen University, Japan (Co-chairman)
  Benjamin K. T'sou, City University of Hong Kong, Hong
                     Kong (Co-chairman)
  Sang-Cheol Ahn, Kyung Hee University
  Kathleen Ahrens, National Taiwan University
  Clair H.-H. Chang, National Chengchi University
  Suk-Jin Chang, Seoul National University
  Jaewoong Choe, Korea University
  Key-Sun Choi, KAIST
  Keh-Jiann Chen, Academia Sinica
  Kiyoshi Ishikawa, Hosei University
  Akira Ishikawa, Sophia University
  Masato Ishizaki, ATR
  Beommo Kang, Korea University
  Yongbum Kim, Kwangwoon University
  Tom B. Y. Lai, City University of Hong Kong
  Kim Teng Lua, National University of Singapore
  Hyuk-Cheol Kwon, Pusan National University
  Chungmin Lee, Seoul National University
  Ik-Hwan Lee, Yonsei University
  Kiyong Lee, Korea University
  Yuji Matsumoto, Nara Institute of Scinece and Technology
  Jerry Seligman, National Chung Cheng University
  Von-Wun Soo, National Tsing Hua University
  Chris Tancredi, The Yokohama National University
  Jhing-fa Wang, National Cheng Kung Universit
  Paul Horng Jyh Wu, National University of Singapore
  Shuichi Yatabe, University of Tokyo
  Keiko Yoshida, Waseda University
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:59:55 PDT
From:  charmii at u.washington.edu (David Prager Branner)
Subject:  Call:  Chinese Dialectology conference
	Papers on Chinese dialectology are now being accepted for the
next meeting of the The Yuen Ren Society.
	As in past years, the meeting will be held in conjunction with
the American Oriental Society annual meeting, some time between 22 and
26 March, 1997 in Miami, Florida.
	The loose theme this year is Chinese dialect comparison -
although we will consider papers on any Chinese dialectological topic
as long as it is fully supported by data.
	The Yuen Ren Society for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect
Fieldwork is dedicated to the study of diverse varieties of spoken
Hann Chinese, with strong emphasis on descriptive fieldwork.  It is
the only academic organization of its kind in the world.  The Society
was founded in 1990 at the University of Washington and is named after
Yuen Ren Chao, a pioneer in descriptive Chinese linguistics.  The
Society's meetings are an occasional forum for distributing and
discussing fresh dialect data.  YRS meetings are typically small and
rather cozy, and speakers are allowed at least 30 minutes per
presentation.  Our format is more flexible than most of other regular
Chinese linguistics conferences, and we have a much narrower focus -
we insist that all presentations be supported by abundant data.  Each
year a number of our presentations are usually devoted to reports on
dialects that are poorly known.
	The deadline for submitting either finished papers or readable
drafts, including (most important) a representative sample of data, is
31 November, 1996.
	(This year, submissions to the Society's journal, the
Treasury, will be handled separately from the regular meeting - watch
for announcements.  The deadline is 31 October.)
	As always, all submissions, to both the Treasury and the YRS
meetings are reviewed anonymously.  We will be happy to send you a
list of suggestions and our style sheet.  The Society's Web page is at
Please use  the following addresses to send submissions or requests for
by email, to <yuenren at u.washington.edu>;
by regular mail, to
	The Yuen Ren Society
	David Prager Branner, Director
	Department of Asian Languages and Literature
	Box 353521
	University of Washington
	Seattle, WA  98195-3521
or by fax, to
	[USA]-(206)-685-4268.  Please write The Yuen Ren Society, c/o
BRANNER at the top.
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