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Date:  Wed, 5 Nov 1997 14:09:55 -0800 (PST)
From:  Irvine Linguistics Students Association <ilsa at orion.oac.uci.edu>
Subject:  On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages

Date:  Tue, 04 Nov 1997 16:49:58 -0800
From:  Peter Kosta <pkosta at rz.uni-potsdam.de>
Subject:  Formal Description of Slavic Languages

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 5 Nov 1997 14:09:55 -0800 (PST)
From:  Irvine Linguistics Students Association <ilsa at orion.oac.uci.edu>
Subject:  On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages

On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages
December 12-14, 1997, University of California, Irvine

(preliminary program)

December 12, 1997 (Friday)
8:30-8:45	Moira Yip (Acting Chair)
		Opening Remarks
8:45-9:20	Shan-Shan Wang (U Haiwaii, Manoa)
		On some properties of Taiwanese prefixed reciprocal
9:20-9:55	Xiu-Zhi Zoe Wu (USC)
		The classifier ge: an aspectual marker that licenses an extra argument
10:05-10:40	Andrew Simpson (Frankfurt U)
		On the status of 'modifying' DE in the Chinese DP
10:40-11:15	Alexander Williams (U Penn)
		Predemonstrative modifiers as restrictions on the input context
11:25-12:25 	Y.-H. Audrey Li (USC)
		TBA (Invited Talk)
14:00-15:00	Raung-fu Chung (National Kaohsiung Normal U)
		TBA (Invited Talk)
15:10-15:45	Shu-Ming Chen (U Essex)
		Stress in Mandarin reduplication
15:45-16:20	Jie Zhang (UCLA)
		A phonetically-based OT account for the /n/-/ng/ asymmetry upon
		/r/-suffixation in northern Chinese dialects
16:30-17:30	Moira Yip (UCI)
		TBA (Invited Talk)

December 13, 1997 (Saturday)
8:30-9:05	Nai-Fai Wong (CUHK)
		Multiple modals in Chinese
9:05-9:40	Miao-Ling Hsieh (USC/UCSD)
		Tense interpretations in Chinese and the related issues
9:50-10:25	Ning Zhang (U Toronto)
		Checking variations in Mandarin yes/no questions
10:25-11:00	Chin-man Kuo (USC)
		The interaction between Daodi and Wh-phrases in Mandarin Chinese
11:10-11:45	Sze-Wing Tang (UCI)
		Some consequences of the parametric theory of verb raising
11:45-12:20	Xiaolu Yang (Chinese U Hong Kong)
		L1 acquisition of focus adverbs CAI and JIU in Mandarin Chinese
13:30-14:05	Xiaoguang Li (UCI)
		More than a coincidence: on the correlation between tense and
14:05-14:40	Haiyong Liu (Wayne State U)
		Dou-doubling in Chinese
14:50-15:25	Jonah Tzong-Hong Lin (UCI)	
		The WH/QP interaction in Chinese and distributivity
15:25-16:00	Jianxin Wu (U Maryland, College Park)
		A feature analysis of quantification: evidence from Dou
16:00-16:35	Luther Chen-Sheng Liu (UCI)
		Parallelism and economy: a note on Chinese predicate anaphora
16:45-17:45	Lisa L.-S. Cheng (UCI)
		TBA (Invited Talk)
December 14, 1997 (Sunday)
8:30-9:05	Jen-I Jelina Li (National Central U)
		Topicalization in Mandarin and weak crossover
9:05-9:40	Ching-Huei Teresa Wu (McGill U)
		Serial verb constructions and verbal compounding
9:50-10:25	Sui-Sang Mok (UCSD)
		What are Cantonese exceed comparatives?
10:25-11:00	Haihua Pan (City U Hong Kong)
		Generalized passivization and related issues
11:10-12:10	C.-T. James Huang (UCI)
		TBA (Invited Talk)
Closing Remarks	C.-T. James Huang


On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages is being held at Room 2112, Social
Science Plaza A, University of California, Irvine, December 12-14, 1997. A
registration fee of US$30 has been set for the conference. A special
pre-registration fee of US$20 is available through November 29, 1997.  If
you wish to take advantage of the special US$20 fee, please send a check

	On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages
	c/o Irvine Linguistics Students Associations (ILSA)
	School of Social Sciences
	University of California, Irvine
	Irvine, CA 92697, U.S.A.

Please make checks or money orders payable to 'ILSA-ASUCI'. We cannot
accept credit card payment. Payment must be in US funds, drawn on a US
bank. On-site registration fees: US$30. On-site registration will begin at
8:15am on Friday, December 12, 1997 outside Room 2112, Social Science
Plaza A.

For further inquiries or updated information, please visit our website:




Name: (English) ____________________ (Chinese, if any) ________________

Title or position (if applicable): ____________________________________

Institution (if applicable): __________________________________________

Mailing address: ______________________________________________________



Telephone: _________________________  Fax: ____________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________

Please pay the conference pre-registration fee US$20 before November 29,
1997. Late registration fee will be US$30. Please make checks payable to

Date: _______________________  Signature: _____________________________

***Note: Please print this form out and return it by post. No registration
forms sent by e-mail will be processed.***

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Date:  Tue, 04 Nov 1997 16:49:58 -0800
From:  Peter Kosta <pkosta at rz.uni-potsdam.de>
Subject:  Formal Description of Slavic Languages

We would like to announce the Second European Conference on

"Formal Description of Slavic Languages" (FDSL2)

hosted by the

University of Potsdam, Department of Slavic Languages in Cooperation

with the General Linguistics Department Potsdam.

20 - 22 November 1997

We would like to make a link to the homepage under


where the programme of the conference and all conditions on
participation are included.

Please, contact also

Prof. Dr. Peter Kosta
pkosta at rz.uni-potsdam.

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