8.1594, Qs: Ogham, English Grammars, English Schwa

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Subject: 8.1594, Qs: Ogham, English Grammars, English Schwa

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Date:  Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:17:38 -0800
From:  Steven Schaufele <fcosw5 at mbm1.scu.edu.tw>
Subject:  Ogham

Date:  Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:59:21 +0100 (MET)
From:  Marc Fryd <Marc.Fryd at cri.univ-poitiers.fr>
Subject:  English Grammars 1800-1960

Date:  Thu, 06 Nov 1997 21:56:39 +0800
From:  TONG MIU SIM MALINDY <97420128 at plink.cityu.edu.hk>
Subject:  English Schwa

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:17:38 -0800
From:  Steven Schaufele <fcosw5 at mbm1.scu.edu.tw>
Subject:  Ogham

Does anybody know anything about the origins of the Ogham system used in
early Irish inscriptions?  In particular, is it in any way derived from
Greek or any of the other alphabetic systems of the Mediterranean Basin?
I'm lecturing next Monday on writing systems and would like to be able
to touch on this subject, if i can find out anything at all about it by
this weekend.  None of my reference sources has anything to say about
the origin of Ogham `letters'.

Steven Schaufele, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Linguistics, English Department

Soochow University, Waishuanghsi Campus, Taipei 11102, Taiwan, ROC

(886)(02)881-9471 ext. 6504     fcosw5 at mbm1.scu.edu.tw


        ***O syntagmata linguarum liberemini humanarum!***

        ***Nihil vestris privari nisi obicibus potestis!***

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Date:  Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:59:21 +0100 (MET)
From:  Marc Fryd <Marc.Fryd at cri.univ-poitiers.fr>
Subject:  English Grammars 1800-1960

Dear linguists,
I am currently working on a project for which I need to draw up a list of
English grammars for the period 1800-1960. My interest lies essentially in
the treatment of 'Parts of Speech', and selections should mark a notable
theoretical standpoint or development on this topic. Selections may come
from all countries and need not have been written in English.
Listed below is a first selection. Your comments and additions or
subtractions will be greatly appreciated.
I'll post a summary if I get a sufficient number of replies.
Many thanks in advance.
Marc Fryd


(1) - 1795 - Alexander Caleb, A Grammatical System of the English Language,
Mendon: Massachussets. (1801 6e =E9d)
(2) - 1800 - Webster Noah, A Plain and Comprehensive Grammar, Hartford,
(3) - 1818 - Cobbett William, A Grammar of the English Language, New
York.(1st ed.1817?)
(4) - 1819 - Murray Lindlay, A English Grammar (2 vols.) New York, (4th
American ed).
(5) - 1823 - Nesbit A, An Introduction to English Parsing, York (2nd ed.).
(6) - 1827 - Cardell W.S., A Philosophic Grammar of the English Language,
(7) - 1851 - Brown Goold, The Grammar of English Grammars, New York.
(8) - 1858 - Mason C.P., English Grammar , including the  Principles of
Grammatical Analysis, Londons [1875 20th ed].
(9) - 1864 - Alford Dean, The Queen's English , Cambridge.
(10) - 1871 - Earle John, The Philology  of the English Tongue, London
[rev.1873, Oxford, Clarendon Press].
(11) - 1872 - Morris Richard (Rev.), Historical Outlines of English
Accidence, [rev. L.Kellner & H.Bradley, cf. L.Kellner, 1892, Historical
Outlines of English Syntax, London]
(12) - 1873 - Hall Fitzedward, Modern English , New York.
(13) - 1879 - Bain Alexander, A Higher English Grammar, Londres [1904,rev. e=
(14) - 1880-5 - M=E4tzner E., Englische Grammatik , Berlin, 3=E8 =E9d. [An
English Grammar: methodical, analytical, and historical, with a treatise on
the orthography, prosody, inflections and syntax of the English tongue, tr.
Clair James Grece, Senjo Publishing Co, Tokyo (3 vols., n.d.)].
(15) - 1898 - Nesfield J.C., A Manual of English Grammar and Composition,
(16) - ?1898- Sweet H., A New English Grammar . Part II. Syntax.  Oxford,
Clarendon Press.
(17) - 1900  (?1891)- Sweet H., A New English Grammar . Part I:
Introduction, Phonology, Accidence.  London.
(18) - 1905 - Wright J., The English  Dialect Grammar, Oxford.
(19) - 1911 - Kruisinga E.A Handbook of Present-Day English. Part I English
Sounds , Part II English Accidence and Syntax, P.Noordhoff, Groningen.
(20) - 1912 - Sheffield A.D.Grammar and Thinking; a Study of the
Working-Conception in Syntax. New York.
(21) - 1918 - Sonneschein E.A.A New English Grammar. Oxford.
(22) - 1912 - Jespersen Otto A Modern English Grammar
(23) - 1912 - Poutsma H.A Grammar  of Late Modern English
(24) - 1924 - Palmer H.E. A Grammar of Spoken English. Cambridge.(1939, 2nd
ed. rev. by F.G. Brandford)
(25) - 1931 - Curme George E.A Grammar of the English Language. Vol.II
Parts of Speech, vol.III Syntax, D.C.Heath and Co [1Hans Kurath, Vol.I,
History of the English Language, Sounds and Spellings, Word-Formation. ].
(26) - 1940 - Fries C.C..American English Grammar. New York.
(27) - 1962 - Strang Barbara.Modern English Structure. New York, St.
Martin's Press.

Marc Fryd    Departement d'Etudes Anglophones (FORELL-AIT),
              Faculte des Lettres et des Langues,
	       Universite de Poitiers,
              95 avenue du Recteur Pineau,86022 Poitiers, France

Pers. phone:  (33) (0)5 49 43 79 66

-------------------------------- Message 3 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 06 Nov 1997 21:56:39 +0800
From:  TONG MIU SIM MALINDY <97420128 at plink.cityu.edu.hk>
Subject:  English Schwa

I am planning to begin a small acoustic project on how the native
Cantonese speakers pronounce the English schwa.  The idea in brief is
to find out how different, acoustically, the English schwa is
pronounced by native Cantonese speakers.  Since schwa is not a
phoneme, in English (at least), it is hard to exhuast all schwa
context at the word level. So, it will be greatly appreciated if
anyone has any suggestion on how to make up the word list for
recording as speech data.  My email is: 97420128 at plink.cityu.edu.hk
Thank you very much.  Malindy Tong

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