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Subject: 8.1679, Confs: Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 12

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Date:  Fri, 21 Nov 1997 18:22:22 +0100
From:  "Conferences in Logic" <lli at Kwetal.ms.mff.cuni.cz>
Subject:  Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 12

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Date:  Fri, 21 Nov 1997 18:22:22 +0100
From:  "Conferences in Logic" <lli at Kwetal.ms.mff.cuni.cz>
Subject:  Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series 12


                       including the conference


The Vilem Mathesius Teaching and Research Center in Linguistics and
Semiotics (Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague), will
organize its twelfth Lecture Series in March 1998. The Lecture Series
programme features numerous courses among which courses focusing on
issues in discourse semantics, syntax, and their interaction.

An integral part of the Lecture Series is the international linguistic
conference "Bridges and Interfaces: Form, Meaning, and Function" held
at the occasion of the 650th Anniversary of Charles University. The
conference will take place on March 12 until 14, 1998, and it will
focus on the relationships between form, meaning and function of
linguistic items from the perspective of different theoretical
approaches providing thus a fruitful basis for a discussion of bridges
and interfaces between different linguistic theories.

Below you will find more detailed information on the programme of
the series and the conference.

                     GRANTS, and REGISTRATION

Applications for grants for students from CEE countries should be
accompanied by a recommendation of the student's professor from his
home university or country. The grants will cover the participation
both at the lectures and at the conference (Lecture Series 12).
Normal registration is USD 350, covering the tuition fee,
acommodation, breakfast, and lunches.

                        IMPORTANT DATES

DEADLINES are as follows:

- Applications for grants should be received at the address below by
                        DECEMBER 20, 1997
  People will be informed whether they have been awarded a grant by
                        JANUARY 10, 1998
- Normal registrations should be received at the address below by
                        FEBRUARY 9, 1998
  in order to enable us to reserve accommodation for you in time.

                       CONTACT INFORMATION

For registration, and further information, please contact:

                       Vilem Mathesius Center
                       MFF UK - Linguistics
                       Malostranske nam. 25
                       118 00 Praha 1
                       Czech Republic

               e-mail: brdickov at ufal.mff.cuni.cz
                      (cc: hajicova at ufal.mff.cuni.cz)

                  fax: +420-2-2191 4309
                  tel:+420-2-2191 4278



The twelfth cycle of the Vilem Mathesius Lecture Series, organized by
the Vilem Mathesius Centre for Research and Education in Semiotics and
Linguistics (Charles University), will be held in Prague, Czech
Republic, March 9-20, 1998. The venue will be the Krystal Hotel,
J. Marti Street, Prague 6. The scientific program will consist of the
following invited courses:

Nicholas Asher:
     Dynamic Semantics, Discourse Structure and the
     Pragmatics Semantics Interface

Vladimir Borschev and Barbara H. Partee:
     Integrating the Semantics of Lexicon, Syntax, Discourse
     Structure, and Context

W. U. Dressler:
     Functional explanation in linguistics

Kai von Fintel:
     The Semantics and Pragmatics of Quantifier Domains

Ferenc Kiefer:
     Ways of explaining polysemy

Fred Jelinek:
     Advanced methods of language modeling for speech

James D. McCawley:
     Notions of Syntactic Structure

James Pustejovsky:
     The Logic and Metaphysics of Semantic Universals

Henk van Riemsdijk:
     Projections: functional, semi-lexical and lexical

Helmut Schnelle:
     The development of language in the brain

Jindyich Toman:
     Theories of Clitics

Annie Zaenen:
     Complex Predicates, a typological approach

The *preliminary* time schedule is as follows. Note that there are
four courses a day, each course lasting 90 minutes.

First week:

Mo 9        Pustejovsky    Jelinek     Toman     Asher

Tu 10       Pustejovsky    Dressler    Asher     Jelinek

We 11       Asher          Toman       Dressler  Jelinek

Thursday - Saturday: "Bridges and Interface: Form, Meaning and
Function". The conference forms an integral part of the Lecture

Second week:

Mo 16    Partee/     Riemsdijk    Kiefer     von Fintel

Tu 17    Partee/     Riemsdijk    Kiefer     von Fintel

We 18    Riemsdijk   McCawley     Kiefer     Zaenen

Th 19    von Fintel  McCawley     Partee/    Schnelle

Fr 20    McCawley    Partee       Zaenen     Schnelle




17.00-19.00 Registration, hotel Krystal
19.00-22.00 Welcome reception, hotel Krystal


 8.30- 9.30 Registration
 9.30- 9.40 Opening
 9.40-10.20 B.Partee and V.Borschev:
                 Integrating formal, functional and lexical
                 semantic information: More on the genitive
                 of negation
10.20-11.00 N.Asher:
                 Bridges between philosophy and linguistics
                 in dialogue

    coffee break

11.20-11.45 E.Paducheva:
                 Compositionality principle: A natural
                 bridge between formal semantics and
                 cognitive linguistics
11.45-12.10 Y.Tobin:
                 "Conditionals" in Hebrew and English: the
                 same or different?
12.10-12.35 B.Rozwadowska:
                 Event structure - a bridge and an interface


14.00-14.40 K.von Fintel:
                 Indicative conditionals in a dynamic
14.40-15.20 J.Pustejovsky:
                 Qualia structure and other named relations

    coffee break

15.40-16.05 J.Firbas:
                 Meaning, form, and function in the theory
                 of functional sentence perpective
16.05-16.30 L.Duskova:
                 Interaction between syntactic form and
                 information structure: Synonymy vs.
                 differentiation of variant syntactic
                 realizations of the basic FSP functions
16.30-16.55 B.Gyuris:
                 Focus, aspect and quantification in
                 Hungarian: a compositional approach

    coffee break

17.15-17.40 V.Vankova:
                 Reduplicated objects and topic/focus
                 articulation in Bulgarian and Macedonian
                 (Formal similarities and functionl

17.40-18.05 G.-J.Kruijff and I. Kruijffova:
                 From Functional Generative Description to
                 File Change Semantics

19.00 CONCERT (chamber music, Liechtenstein Palace,
              Malostranske Sq.; preceded by drinks and
              refereshments; transport by buses from the
              hotel Krystal)


 9.00- 9.40 J.D.McCawley:
                 Notions of syntactic structure
 9.40-10.20 H.van Riemsdijk:
                 The decomposition of syntactic categories:
                 a reapparaisal
10.20-11.00 J.Toman:
                 Resumptives in Czech

    coffee break

11.20-11.45 R.Ruzicka:
                 Remarks on the interface between core and
11.45-12.10 P.Kosta:
12.10-12.35 A.Steube:
                 Weak quantifiers


14.00-14.40 E.Hajicova:
                 From constituency to dependency
14.40-15.20 F.Kiefer:
                 How to combine formal and functional

    coffee break

15.40-16.05 E.Conte:
                 The role of abstract terms in text
16.05-16.30 J.Tarnyikova:
                 Sentence adverbials or discourse markers?
16.30-16.55 V.Zabotkina:
                 Cognitive-pragmatic aspects of neology

    coffee break

17.15-17.40 K.von Heusinger:
                 Intonation meets information structure
17.40-18.05 C.Bartels & A.Merin:
                 Decision-theoretic semantics for speech

19.00 BANQUET (the Old University Building Carolinum,
      Praha 1, Ovocny trh;  transport by buses from the
      hotel Krystal)


 9.00- 9.40 P.Sgall:
                 Freedom of language
 9.40-10.20 H.Schnelle:
                 "Language - the social product deposited in
                 the brain of each individual"
10.20-11.00 W.U.Dressler:
                 Early language acquisition and linguistic

    coffee break

11.20-11.45 S.Marcus:
                 At the interface of classical and
                 nonclassical logic
11.45-12.10 A.V.Bondarko:
                 Meaning and sense; function; form;
                 system-environment interaction
12.10-12.35 Zd. Wasik:
                 On the functions of language and
                 functionalism from an interdisciplinary


14.00-14.40 L.Karttunen:
                 Rules vs. constraints
14.40-15.05 P.Pognan:
15.05-15.30 Ken-Ichi Kadooka:
                 Morphological peculiarity in Japanese

    coffee break

15.50-16.15 E.Wasik:
                 Zum Funktionsbegriff in der
16.05-16.30 M.S. Anwar:
                 Proportions between function and hierarchies
                 of markedness
16.30-16.55 A.Svoboda:
                 Janacek's music and modern linguistics
16.55-17.20 P.Chan:
                 Towards an interface between language and
                 literature in Hong-Kong EFL classroom


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