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Subject: 9.1110, Confs: ESSLLI--EU Workshop

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Date:  Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:49:07 +0200
From:  uszkoreit at dfki.de (Hans Uszkoreit)
Subject:  Special Offer: EU Workshop

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Date:  Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:49:07 +0200
From:  uszkoreit at dfki.de (Hans Uszkoreit)
Subject:  Special Offer: EU Workshop

                * ESSLLI 98 NOVELTY *

For the first time the European Summer School in Logic, Language and
Information to be held from August 17 - 28, 1998 in Saarbruecken,
Germany, offers a special EU workshop:

"Preparation and Management of EU-Funded Projects"

Transnational R&D funded by the European Commission has become one of
the foremost sources for advanced technology and application
development in information technology.

For the participating research centers such projects offer a unique
opportunity for joint R&D in international consortia bringing together
partners from industry, academia, contract research, and public

Our workshop will provide the participants with information, advice
and guidelines for the definition, application and management of
EU-projects, both on the administrative and technical level.

We will discuss concrete questions concerning available funding
programmes, hints for finding or building consortia, advice on the
structuring of projects, rules for handling many types of forms, and
an overview of relevant financial regulations.

A special section will be dedicated to a preview of upcoming
opportunities and challenges in the Fifth Framework Program (first
call for proposals in January 1999).

The speakers of the workshop are highly experienced managers of
EU-projects and a representative of the EU Language Engineering
Programme, Giovanni B. Varile, DG XIII of the European Commission.

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for this workshop once you have registered
for ESSLLI 98.


Don't miss our big ESSLLI 10th Anniversary Party on Friday, August 21,
with life music and surprises and other social gatherings.


Hope to see you in August !

Best regards,

Hans Uszkoreit


For further information on ESSLLI 98 and the EU workshop please check
the following homepage:


or contact Sabine Klingner, ESSLLI 98 organization:

klingner at dfki.de


Registration is still possible until August 16, 1998.


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
& Univ. of Saarbruecken, Dept. of Computational Linguistics
D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany

WWW:    http://coli.uni-sb.de/~hansu/
Univ.   phone + 49 (681) 302-4115  fax  + 49 (681) 302-4700
DFKI    phone + 49 (681) 302-5282  fax  + 49 (681) 302-5338

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