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Date:  Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:18:23 +0100
From:  Visual Representations & Interpretations <vri98 at csc.liv.ac.uk>
Subject:  Workshop Visual Representations & Interpretations

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Date:  Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:18:23 +0100
From:  Visual Representations & Interpretations <vri98 at csc.liv.ac.uk>
Subject:  Workshop Visual Representations & Interpretations

The VRI '98 Workshop - September 22nd  - 24th.
Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, UK


We warmly extend an invitation to colleagues to participate in VRI'98,
an international workshop on Visual Representations & Interpretations
being held at the Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool from
Tuesday September 22nd to Thursday September 24th.

The main aim of the workshop is to promote inter-disciplinary
awareness across a range of disciplines where visual representations
and interpretations are exploited.

Contributions were invited from researchers in any discipline who are
actively investigating visual representations and interpretations,
including though not limited to:- artists, architects, biologists,
chemists, clinicians, cognitive scientists, computer scientists,
educationalists, graphic designers, linguists, mathematicians,
philosophers, physicists, psychologists and social scientists.

We are pleased to report that all these disciplines are represented in
the papers chosen for presentation at the workshop. We have also had
interesting submissions which have been accepted from researchers in
Film and Media studies, Philosophy of Science, Molecular and Cellular
Science, Theatre Studies, Art and Textile design, Engineering and
other design disciplines. This excellent response means that the
conference will be a truly multi-disciplinary event.

The considerable interest that has been expressed in the workshop has
also led us to extend its duration. The workshop will now run from
Tuesday 22nd September until lunch-time on Thursday 24th September. In
order to give a potential participant some idea of the programme,
session titles include:- Just Visualising Visualising the Information
Retrieval Process Visualisation for Effective Communication
Technology, Change and Visualisation The Language of Symbols Visual
Representations: from Molecules to Cells Articulating the Design
Process Visualising the Abstract Language and Form across Domains

The detailed programme for the conference is published on
the VRI '98 WWW site:-


Programme details at:-


Registration details and a downloadable booking form are available


This form  together with with a cheque for 75 UK pounds or a request
for an invoice (see form for details) should be sent to Beth James,
Connect, Foresight Centre, 3 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, L69 3GL. Beth
will be dealing with the registration for the conference. All queries
in respect of registration should be made, ideally by email, to Beth
at beth at csc.liv.ac.uk

After the end of the workshop, on the afternoon of the 24th September,
the Tate Gallery, Liverpool has very kindly invited VRI'98
participants to a guided tour of the Willie Doherty Exhibition
"Somewhere Else" , showing as part of Revolution98 (the 9th
International Symposium on Electronic Art, 2nd September-11th
October). Numbers are restricted so those interested in participating
in this tour are requested to email vri98 at csc.liv.ac.uk expressing
interest in this tour as soon as possible. Preference for places will
be given to overseas visitors.

VRI '98 is co-sponsored by Connect, Department of Computer Science,
The University of Liverpool, Unilever Research and Barclay's Bank.

Visual Representations & Interpretations
Foresight Centre
c/o Dr Irene Neilson,
3 Brownlow Street
Liverpool L69 3GL


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