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Subject: 9.1129, FYI: Journal, PhD Scholarships, Chomsky Celebration

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Date:  Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:52:11 +0500
From:  Ennaji <estry at fesnet.net.ma>
Subject:  New Linguistics Journal

Date:  Sat, 08 Aug 1998 19:35:00 +1000
From:  Deborah Cao <D.Cao at gu.edu.au>
Subject:  PhD Scholarships in Chinese/English Translation Theory &   Practice

Date:  Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:05:54 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Nancy De Pas <ndepas at email.gc.cuny.edu>
Subject:  Please Post--Chomsky celebration

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:52:11 +0500
From:  Ennaji <estry at fesnet.net.ma>
Subject:  New Linguistics Journal

Languages and Linguistics

 Director   : Moha  Ennaji
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco

 Managing Editor: Fatima Sadiqi
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco

"Languages and Linguistics" is a new world forum for the study of
natural languages, with a special focus on the languages in use in
Africa and the Middle East. The journal brings together research from
English, French and Arabic traditions, publishing significant work on
phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis and semantics, sociolinguistics,
pragmatics, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, language
acquisition, computational linguistics and variation and comparative

The existing linguistics journals do not discuss all facets of
Afro-Asiatic linguistics and hardly refer to the particular linguistic
situation in Africa and the Middle East, with its various dialects,
its large linguistic communities and the recent developments of the
languages in contact. L&L invites scholars to submit papers on any
area of linguistic science that is of relevance to the work of
Language departments.

The journal will also include book-reviews.  This section aims to
publish book-reviews within a few months of books being published
thereby informing researchers and assisting the decision-makers on new
acquisitions for libraries or the adoption of books for courses.

Linguists are invited to contribute to this journal with an article or
book review. Your contribution can be in English, French or Arabic.

If you are willing to participate in the forthcoming issue(s) of the
journal, please send an abstract or the entire article for approval by
the Editorial Board. Please write to:

Professor Moha Ennaji
General Editor of "Languages and Linguistics"
B.P. 5720 Fes-Sidi Beahim
FES 30014, Morocco
Fax: +212 5 64 08 44
E-mail: estry at fesnet.net.ma

 Editorial Board:

Mohamed Abu Talib (Universite Mohamed V)
Ahmed Akouaou (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Joseph Aoun (University of Southern California)
Martin Atkinson (University of Essex)
Mongi Bahloul (Universite de Sfax)
Abderrahim Benhallam (Universite Mohamed V)
Thami Benkirane (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Mohyiddine Benlakhdar (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Elabbas Benmamoune (University of Illinois)
Fernand Bentolila (Universite Rene Descartes)
Hagit Borer (University of Southern California)
Aziza Boucherit (Universite Rene Descartes)
Ahmed Boukous (Universite Mohamed V)
Fouad Brigui(Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
John Broderick (Old Dominion University)
Mohamed Chad (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Ahmed Chergui Saber (Universite Cadi Ayad)
Abdellah Chkayri (Al Akhawayn University)
Mohamed Chtatou (ISESCO)
Vivian Cook (University of Essex)
Nancy Dorian (Bryn Mawr College)
Mushira Eid (University of Utah)
Mohamed Elbiad (Universite Hassan II)
Mohamed Elmedaloui (Universite Mohamed I)
El Houssain El Moujahid (Universite Mohamed V)
Jalil El-Idrissi (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Joseph Emonds (University of Durham)
Mohamed Khalil Ennassiri (University Abdelmalek Saadi)
Joshua Fishman (Stanford University)
Jacqueline Gueron (Universite de Paris X)
Gilbert Grandguillaume (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
Niloofar Haeri (John Hopkins University)
Moubarak Hanoune (Al Akhawayn University)
Basil Hatim (Heriot-Watt University)
Riny Huybregts (Tilburg University)
Abderrahim Jamari (Universit Mohamed V)
Moncef Lahlou (Al Akhawayn University)
Howard Lasnik (MIT)
Abdelouahed Khairi (Universite Cadi Ayad)
Ahmed Makhoukh (Universite Moulay Ismail)
Mohamed Melouk (Universite Mohamed V)
Ahmed Meziani (Universite Mohamed V)
Abdellatif Mohammad (University of Florida)
Mohamed Moubtassime (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Frederick Newmeyer (University of Washington)
Jacomine Nortier(University of Utrecht)
Driss Ouaouicha (Universite Moulay Ismail)
Mohamed Ouakrime (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Jamal Ouhalla (University College London)
Kwesi Prah ( C.A.S.A.S.- University of Cape Town)
Andrew Radford (University of Essex)
Hank Riyemsdik (Tilburg University)
Jilali Saib (Universite Mohamed V)
Hassan Saidi (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Avihai Shivtiel (Cambridge University)
Ur Shlonsky (Universite de Geneve)
Souad Slaoui (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
El Hassan Souali (Universite Mohamed V)
Mohamed Taki (Universite Cadi Ayad)
Miloud Taifi (Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
Keith Walters (University of Texas)
Abderrahim Youssi (Universite Mohamed V)
Andrzej Zaborski (Universite de Vienne)
Raji Zughoul (Yarmouk University)


Frequency: One volume of two issues per year (March and September)

Prices: DH 120 for institutions; DH 80 for individuals; 70 DH for
students; single parts DH 40; these prices include postage.

For subscribers outside Morocco: $40 for institutions; $30 for
individuals; $25 for students; for single parts $15; prices include
delivery by air.

Order Form: Order your own subscription today and keept this valuable
reference in your library for future use. Your subscription will begin
with the first issue of the current volume.

Languages and Linguistics

RATES (Please check one)

Morocco All Other Countries/Institutions DH 120 $40Individuals
DH 80 $30Students DH 70 $25 send copy of current ID card

Payment required

- Check or money order enclosed, payable to Langues et

Charge to my ---Mastercard ----Visa

Account No--------------------------------------Expiration

Signature -----------------------------------------Today

Print the Cardholders

Please send the subscription to :


- -----------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------


phone---------------------Gift subscription

If you can, please send a donation, and write the total amount of your
payment. Methods of payment:

a) by cheques
b) by Credit Card.

The journal is privately funded and has no public financial support.

The appropriate amount may be transferred directly to: Revue "Langues
et Linguistique", Account Number: 4000 3031 12167, Wafabank, Boulevard
Mohammed V, Fes 30 000, Morocco.

For Further Contacts, please write to:

Professor Moha Ennaji
General Editor of "Languages and Linguistics"
B.P. 5720 Fes-Sidi Beahim
FES 30014, Morocco
Fax: +212 5 64 08 44
E-mail: estry at fesnet.net.ma

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Sat, 08 Aug 1998 19:35:00 +1000
From:  Deborah Cao <D.Cao at gu.edu.au>
Subject:  PhD Scholarships in Chinese/English Translation Theory &   Practice

New PhD Scholarships in Chinese/English Translation Theory & Practice

The School of Languages & Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Griffith
University (Brisbane, Australia) for the first time calls for
scholarship applications for MPhil & PhD studies in its new
Translation Studies programs. We are particularly intereted in
research projects in Chinese/English interpreting/translation theories
and practice. Griffith University and other scholarships are available
for these programmes. The School may offer teaching opportunities
depending on the School's teaching needs and the expertise of
candidates and may also offer other financial assistance for research
purposes. Scholarship application deadline: October 31, 1998.

For further information and application forms, please contact:
Associate Professor James Sneddon Head of the School of Languages &
Linguistics Griffith University Nathan, Brisbane, Australia 4111 Tel:
+ 61 7 3875 6754 Fax: + 61 7 3875 6766 E-mail:
a.roberts at mailbox.gu.edu.au

-------------------------------- Message 3 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:05:54 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Nancy De Pas <ndepas at email.gc.cuny.edu>
Subject:  Please Post--Chomsky celebration


You are invited to celebrate Noam Chomsky's 70th birthday (December
7,1998) by contributing to a collection of essays by everyone whose
work over the years has been stimulated or inspired by Chomsky's


Noam is known to dislike ceremony, so this plan includes no parties,
no speeches, nothing but an elegantly printed list of all the
contributors. It will be on his desk, in a very quiet envelope, on the
morning of his birthday. We hope there will be so many contributions
that it will be clear to Noam that no one expects him to read them all
and respond to them. Please spread the word to all of your friends,
colleagues and students who may wish to participate.

To add your own contribution, simply go to the URL
http://mitpress.mit.edu/celebration and click on the contributor's
link and follow the instructions. For some guidelines as to how you
should frame your contributions, select the guidelines link.

We believe this way of expressing our respect and affection will be
the least intrusive. We specifically ask that you convey the need for
discretion. All you need pass along to others is the URL
http://mitpress.mit.edu/celebration, which will bring people to the
Webpage with full details for this project.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or suggestions for how
to improve on the plan, please contact Janet Fodor
(jfodor at email.gc.cuny.edu), Jay Keyser (keyser at mit.edu) or Amy Brand
(apierce at mit.edu). All communications should use the subject header

Everyone whose work has been influenced by Chomsky's, in any area of
scholarship, is welcome to contribute. Please pass on this message to
your colleagues and students, here and abroad. If everyone tells five
other people, we'll reach the whole world.

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