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Date:  Mon, 3 Aug 1998 12:12:59 -0400
From:  Lauren Elsaesser <LELSA at Blackwellpub.com>
Subject:  New Book: Philosophy of Language

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Date:  Mon, 3 Aug 1998 12:12:59 -0400
From:  Lauren Elsaesser <LELSA at Blackwellpub.com>
Subject:  New Book: Philosophy of Language

The Big Questions
Edited by Andrea Nye
University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

This wide-ranging anthology brings together a variety of readings in
the philosophy of language from the ancient Greeks to contemporary
analytic, feminist, and multicultural perspectives. The emphasis is on
issues that have a direct bearing on concerns about knowledge,
reality, meaning, and understanding. A general introduction and
introductions to each group of readings identify both the continuities
and differences in the way "big" questions in philosophy of language
have been addressed by philosophers of different historical periods,
institutional affiliations, races, and genders.

General Introduction

A: Language: What is it?:
1. Plato: Language as the Weaving Together of Forms
2. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The Origins of Language
3. John Locke: On Words
4. Gottlob Frege: On the Scientific Justification of a Conceptual
5. John Dewey: The Existential Matrix of Inquiry
6. Ludwig Wittgenstein: Picturing Reality
7. Emile Benveniste: Subjectivity in Language
8. Jerry Fodor: Private Language, Public Languages
9. Monique Wittig: The Mark of Gender.

B: Meaning: How Do Words Get Their Sense?:
10. Gottlob Frege: On Sense and Reference
11. A.J. Ayer: The Principle of Verifiability
12. Ludwig Wittgenstein: Meaning as Use
13. Ruth Millikan: Biosemantics
14. Merrill and Jaakko Hintikka: How can Language be Sexist?

C: Speaking: What is it to Say Something?:
15. H.P. Grice: Meaning
16. John Austin: Performative Utterances
17. V.N. Volosinov: Verbal Interaction
18. Arindam Chakrabati: Telling as Letting Know
19. Luce Irigaray: He I Sought but did not Find.

D: Reference: What Do We Talk About?:
20. Bertrand Russell: On Denoting
21. Saul Kripke: Naming and Necessity (excerpts)
22. Michel Foucault: The Formation of Objects
23. Judith Butler: Critically Queer
24. Maria Lugones: "Worlds" and World Travelling.

E: Truth: What is the Relation Between Language and Reality?:
25. Alfred Tarski: The Semantic Theory of Truth
26. Donald Davidson: The Method of Truth in Metaphysics
27. Linda Alcoff: Truth as Coherence
28. David Theo Goldberg: Truth Through Social Praxis
29. Sandra Harding: Are Truth Claims Dysfunctional?

F: Other Minds and Foreign Tongues: How is it Possible to Understand
What Someone Else Says?:
30. Bronislaw Malinowski: The Translation of Untranslatable Words
31. W.V. Quine: Indeterminacy of Translation
32. Donald Davidson: On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme
33. Benjamin Whorf: An American Indian Model of the Universe
34. Gloria Anzaldua: How to Tame a Wild Tongue
35. Wole Soyinka: Language as Boundary

Philosophy: The Big Questions Series
June 1998  6 x 9   336 pages
0-631-20602-7  paperback  $29.95
0-631-20601-9  hardcover  $62.95


To order please call Blackwell Publishers at 1-800-216-2522 or visit
our website at http://www.blackwellpub.com


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