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Date:  Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:14:30 -0400 (EDT)
From:  GASLA 98 <gasla at verb.linguist.pitt.edu>
Subject:  Generative Approaches to SLA IV

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:14:30 -0400 (EDT)
From:  GASLA 98 <gasla at verb.linguist.pitt.edu>
Subject:  Generative Approaches to SLA IV

Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition (GASLA' 98)
		September 25-27, 1998

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University


	The conference and entertainment events will take place in
2M56/2P56 Forbes Quad located between Bouquet St. and Bigelow
Blvd. The Department of Linguistics is on the 28th floor of the
Cathedral of Learning, located between 5th Avenue and Forbes
Avenue. The phone number is 624-5900 and the administrators are
Carolyn, Anna-Mae, and Rebecca.  They will be available on Friday from
8.30 until 5:00 for if you have any questions regarding the location
of the conference.

Friday, September 25

8:30-10:00:	Registration (ongoing)

10:00:		Opening Remarks

10:30-12:00:	Session 1.

10:30: 'The Use and Abuse of Linguistic Theory in L2
	Acquisition Research'
	Bonnie D. Schwartz, University of Durham
	Rex A. Sprouse, Indiana University
11:00:	'Transitivity Alternations in L2 Acquisition:
	Toward a Modular View of Transfer'
	Silvina A. Montrul, SUNY-Albany
11:30:	'Syntactic structure and information structure in
	the acquisition of the English dative
	alternation by native speakers of Japanese'
	Robert Bley-Vroman and Kazuko Katsufuji,
	University of Hawaii

12:00-1:30	LUNCH BREAK

1:30-3:00:	Session 2.
1:30:	'Surface Unaccusativity in L2 Japanese Speakers'
	Makiko Hirakawa, Tokyo International University
2:00:	'The role of the lexicon in the second language
	acquisition of Spanish word order'
	Tammy Jandrey Hertel and Ana Teresa Perez-Leroux,
	The Pennsylvania State University
2:30: 	'The L2 Acquisition of Telicity in English by
	Spanish and Slavic Native Speakers'
        Roumyana Slabakova, University of Iowa

3:00-3:30:	COFFEE BREAK

3:30-5:00:	Session 3.
3:30:	'The Acquisition of Possession in L2 Dutch'
	Ineke van de Craats, Norbert Corver and
	 Roeland van Hout, Tilburg University
4:00:	'"Washing the faces": Acquisition of possessor
	raising in L2 Spanish' Beatriz Centeno-Cortes,
	Gillian Lord, Erin O'Rourke and Ana Teresa
	Perez-Leroux, The Pennsylvania State University	
4:30:	'The "Compounding Parameter" in L2 Acquisition:
	The Subset Principle Revisited'
        Juana M. Liceras, Elena Valenzuela, University
	of Ottawa

5:15:PLENARY: Peter Gordon: To be announced.


Saturday, September 26

9:30-10:30:	Session 1.
9:30:	'Variability in L2 English Grammatical Morphemes:
	The Question of	Functional Categories in
	a Peformance versus Knowledge Paradigm'
	G. Martohardjono, K. Kessler, I. Finger and P.
	Argodale, City University of New York
10:00:	'Using constituent coordination to explore
	functional projections'
	Helmut Zobl, Carleton University

10:30-11:00	COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30:	Session 2.
11:00:	'Functional categories in child L2 acquisition of
	English: The acquisition of the IP system'
	 Belma Haznedar, Bogazici University
11:30:	'Accounting for variability in SLA: more evidence
	for the missing inflection hypothesis'
	Philippe Prevost, Universite Laval
	Lydia White, McGill University
12:00:	'The Acquisition of Tense and Aspect in L2 English'
	Joanne Sher Grumet, City University of New York

12:30-2:00	LUNCH BREAK

2:00-3:30:	Session 3. Chair:
2:00:	'On Optionality and Grammaticality in L2 Knowledge'
	 Donna Lardiere, Georgetown University
2:30:	'Second Language Acquisition (SLA) as a promoting
 	factor in language change'
	 Doris Stolberg, Universitat Tubingen
3:00:	'Adult second language acquisition and language
	change: on the mirror-world of chaos and order
	in language development'
	Carolina Plaza-Pust, J.-W. -Goethe Universitat

3:30-4:00:	COFFEE BREAK

4:00-5:30:	Session 4. Chair:
4:00:	'Principles of L2 Pronunciation: The Question of
	Fred Eckman and Gregory Iverson,
	University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
4:30:	'The acquisition of English {theta} and {h} vs. {engma}
	by Canadian francophones'
	Darlene LaCharite and Philippe Prevost,
	Universite Laval
5:00:	'The markedness differential hypothesis and
	Vietnamese learners with English consonants'
	 Hoa Pham, University of Toronto

5:45:PLENARY: Usha Lakshmanan, Southern Illinois Univ.
	 'Clause Structure in child second language

Sunday, September 27

9:30-11:00:	Session 1.
9:30:	'An unexpected wh-phrase extraction pattern in
	the advanced L2 English of Malay speakers'
	Bee Eng Wong and Roger Hawkins, University of Essex
10:00:	'Optimal Questions in L2 Acquisition'
	Rakesh M. Bhatt, University of South Carolina
10:30:	'When and why-questions in SLA'
	Hyeson Park, University of Arizona

11:00-11:30:	COFFEE BREAK

11:30-1:30:	Session 2.
11:30:	'The interpretation of "Combien...de"
	extractions: The primacy of syntax in 	Second Language
	Laurent Dekydtspotter, Rex A. Sprouse and
	Kimberly A. Swanson, Indiana University
12:00:	'Uniformity or Difference: The German Root and
	Subordinate Clause in Adult SLA'
	Susanne Nimmrichter, Franklin & Marshall College
12:30:	'The impersonal constructions in Spanish and
	near-native competence:	Evidence against
	the Fundamental Difference Hypothesis'
	Joyce L.S. Bruhn de Garavito, McGill University

1:00:	PLENARY: 'UG in SLA: The state of the question'
                        Lydia White, McGill University


	Announcements concerning the GASLA 2000 Conference at MIT.

Alternate Papers:

Sharon Armon-Lotem, Univ. of Maryland: Preconjunctionals in child SLA

	September 25-27th 1998
hosted by
	The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University

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