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Subject: 9.1163, Calls: J. Cog Systems Research, SINN UND BEDEUTUNG'98

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Date:  Tue, 18 Aug 1998 12:46:00 -0400
From:  Ron Sun <rsun at research.nj.nec.com>
Subject:  Journal of Cognitive Systems Research

Date:  Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:38:43 +0200
From:  Johannes Doelling <doelling at zas.gwz-berlin.de>
Subject:  SINN UND BEDEUTUNG 1998 - 3rd CALL

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 18 Aug 1998 12:46:00 -0400
From:  Ron Sun <rsun at research.nj.nec.com>
Subject:  Journal of Cognitive Systems Research

Call for Papers: new electronic Journal of Cognitive Systems Research


Journal of Cognitive Systems Research

Ron Sun
E-mail: rsun at cs.ua.edu
Department of Computer Science and Department of Psychology
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa AL, USA

Vasant Honavar
E-mail: honavar at cs.iastate.edu
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University USA

Gregg Oden
E-mail: gregg-oden at uiowa.edu
Department of Psychology
University of Iowa USA

The Journal of Cognitive Systems Research covers all topics in the
study of cognitive processes, in both natural and artificial systems:

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Problem-Solving and Cognitive Skills
Language and Communication
Integrative Studies of Cognitive Systems

The journal emphasizes the integration/synthesis of ideas, concepts,
constructs, theories, and techniques from multiple paradigms,
perspectives, and disciplines, in the analysis, understanding and
design of cognitive and intelligent systems.  Contributions describing
results obtained within the traditional disciplines are also sought if
such work has broader implications and relevance.

The journal seeks to foster and promote the discussion of novel
approaches in studying cognitive and intelligent systems.  It also
encourages cross-fertilization of disciplines, by publishing
high-quality contributions in all of the areas of study, including
artificial intelligence, linguistics, psychology, psychiatry,
philosophy, system and control theory, anthropology, sociology,
biological sciences, and neuroscience.

The scope of the journal includes the study of a variety of different
cognitive systems, at different levels, ranging from social/cultural
cognition, to individual cognitive agents, to components of such
systems.  Of particular interest are theoretical, experimental, and
integrative studies and computational modeling of cognitive systems,
at different levels of detail, and from different perspectives.

Please send submissions in POSTSCRIPT format by electronic mail to one
of the three co-Editors-in-Chief.


The journal transends traditional disciplinary boundaries, and
considers contributions from all relevant disciplines and approaches.
The key is the quality of the work and the accessibility and relevance
to readers in different disciplines.

The first issue of this new on-line journal, published by
ElsevierScience, will appear in early 1999.  In addition to this
electronic journal, the issues will also be printed and bound as
archival volume. Published papers will be considered automatically for
inclusion in specially edited books on Cognitive Systems Research.

For further information, see: http://cs.ua.edu/~rsun/journal.html

- ------------------
action editors:

John Barnden, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham,
U.K.\\ William Bechtel, Department of Philosophy, Washington
University, St. Louis, USA.\\ Rik Belew, Computer Science and
Engineering Department, University of California, San Diego, USA.\\
Mark H. Bickhard, Department of Psychology, Lehigh University, USA.\\
Deric Bownds, Dept. of Zoology, University of Wisconsin, Madison,
USA. \\ David Chalmers, Department of Philosophy, University of
California, Santa Cruz, USA. \\ B. Chandrasekaran, Department of
Computer and Information Science, Ohio State University, USA.\\ Marco
Dorigo, University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium\\ Michael Dyer,
Computer Science Department, University of California, Los Angeles,
USA.\\ Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute, Princeton, New Jersey,
USA. \\ George Graham, Philosophy Department, University of Alabama at
Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA.\\ Stephen J.Hanson, Psychology Dept.,
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, USA.\\ Valerie Gray
Hardcastle, Dept. of Philosophy, Virginia Polytechnic and State
University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.\\ James Hendler, Department of
Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, USA.\\ Stephen
M. Kosslyn, Department of Psychology, Harvard University, USA. \\
George Lakoff, Dept. of Linguistics, University of California,
Berkeley, USA.\\ Joseph LeDoux, Center for Neuroscience, New York
University, New York, USA.\\ Daniel Levine, Department of Psychology,
University of Texas at Arlington, USA.\\ Vladimir J. Lumelsky,
Robotics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University
of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.\\ James Pustejovsky, Brandeis University,
Massachusetts, USA.\\ Lynne M. Reder, Department of Psychology,
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA.\\ Jude Shavlik,
Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.\\
Tim Shallice, Department of Psychology, University College, London, UK
\\ Aaron Sloman, School of Computer Science, The University of
Birmingham, UK. \\ Paul Thagard, Philosophy Department, University of
Waterloo, Canada.\\ Leonard Uhr, Computer Sciences Department,
University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.\\ David Waltz, NEC Research
Institute, Princeton, NJ, USA.\\ Xin Yao, Dept. of Computer Science,
Australian Defense Force Academy, Canberra, Australia.\\

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:38:43 +0200
From:  Johannes Doelling <doelling at zas.gwz-berlin.de>
Subject:  SINN UND BEDEUTUNG 1998 - 3rd CALL

3rd Call for Papers


3rd annual meeting of the
GESELLSCHAFT FUER SEMANTIK ('Association for Semantics')

The third annual meeting of the GESELLSCHAFT FR SEMANTIK ('Association
for Semantics') will be held at the University of Leipzig, between
December 11 - 13, 1998. The main purpose of the conference, SINN UND
BEDEUTUNG 1998, is to provide a forum for presenting work in progress
and receiving feedback from other members of the semantics community.
Papers describing research contributions on any aspect of semantics
are welcome for discussion. Conference languages will be German and
English.  Continuously updated information on SINN UND BEDEUTUNG 1998
(including accommodation, conference program, location etc.) can be
found at the website:



Peter Gaerdenfors (Lund University, Cognitive Science Kungshuset,
Lund):	Concept Combination - A Geometrical Model

Manfred Krifka (University of Texas, Department of Linguistics,
Austin): For a Structured Account of Questions and Answers

Alice ter Meulen (University of Groningen, Center for Language and
	Cognition, Groningen):
	Three Degrees of Dynamic Involvement: The Case of Temporal


All researchers in the area, but especially Ph.D. students and young
researchers, are invited to submit an abstract for a 30-minute
contributed talk (plus 15 minutes for discussion) on any topic in
semantic theory. Abstracts (in English or German) should be no more
than 1500 words (excluding references), but not less than 1000 words


Authors should send 3 anonymous copies, plus 1 additional copy
including the author's name, affiliation and e-mail address.

Please use the following address:

Universitt Leipzig
Institut fr Sprach- und bersetzungswissenschaft
Abteilung Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Augustusplatz 9
D-04109 Leipzig

Submissions by e-mail will be also accepted but only as plain text (no
attachments!). Fax submissions will not be accepted.

All contributions will be reviewed by at least three members of the
program committee. Criteria for selection will include clarity,
originality, and significance of results.


Josef Bayer (University of Jena)
Johannes Doelling (University of Leipzig)
Gerhard Heyer (University of Leipzig)
Ewald Lang (Humboldt University Berlin)
Ingolf Max (University of Leipzig)
Susan Olsen (University of Leipzig)
Peter Staudacher (University of Potsdam)
Anita Steube (University of Leipzig)
Heinrich Wansing (University of Leipzig)

The conference program and short versions of the abstracts (to be
submitted by the accepted speakers, see below) will
be made available at this website by November 20, 1998.


Deadline for abstracts: September 15, 1998
Notification of acceptance: November 1, 1998
Deadline for short versions of the abstracts: November 10, 1998
Conference program: November 20, 1998
Conference: December 11 - 13, 1998


Universitaet Leipzig
Institut fr Sprach- und Uebersetzungswissenschaft
Abteilung Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Augustusplatz 9
D-04109 Leipzig


+49-341-97-37342 (James Witt)
+49-341-97-37343 (Holden Haertl)
+49-341-97-37864 (Andreas Spaeth)

sinn98 at rz.uni-leipzig.de

In order to have an idea of the number of participants we can expect,
we would like to ask you for early registration by e-mail with the
form below.


Anita Steube, Susan Olsen, Johannes Doelling, Holden Haertl, Andreas
Spaeth, James Witt



First name_____________________________________________

Last name______________________________________________






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