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Subject: 9.1193, Confs: Creating Sense: Texts and Realities

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Date:  Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:55:39 +0800
From:  ELLCONLK <ellconlk at nus.edu.sg>
Subject:  Creating Sense: Texts and Realities

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Date:  Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:55:39 +0800
From:  ELLCONLK <ellconlk at nus.edu.sg>
Subject:  Creating Sense: Texts and Realities

"Creating Sense: Texts and Realities"

Organized by
National University of Singapore
Dept of English Language and Literature
Cambridge University Press
Materials Development Association

7 - 9 September 1998
Orchard Hotel, Singapore

Further details on registration and accommodation:


9.00 Opening and conference announcements (Orchard Ballroom 1)

9.30 Plenary session (Orchard Ballroom 1)

David Nunan: Principles for the design of speaking and listening

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Parallel sessions, set 1 (x3) until 11.40:

Brian Tomlinson: Creating sense from the inner voice. (Rosewood)
Nancy Jordan Renman: Learning to write in English:
	Rethinking written discourse pedagogy. (Lavender 1)
Martin Montgomery: Communicating nationalism: The discourse of a party
election broadcast by the Scottish National Party. (Lavender 2)

11.45 Parallel sessions, set 2 (x3) until 12.25

Nittaya Campbell: Making sense of legal English. (Rosewood)
Ho Chee Lick: 'Family' in teenage magazine discourse. (Lavender 1)
Peter K.W. Tan: My word or yours? Malay loan words across
	different Englishes (Lavender 2)

12.30 -- 2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 5.00 Parallel 3-hour workshops:

Jane Arnold: Materials development: A step towards autonomy (OB 1)
David Nunan: Using authentic data in materials design (Rosewood)
Brian Tomlinson: Developing materials for creative reading (1) (L 1)
Martin Montgomery : Working with media materials in the classroom:
	Television advertising. (Lavender 2)

3.00 - 4.00 Afternoon tea (Workshop breaks during this period)

5.00 End of Day 1


8.50 Announcements, followed by plenary session (Orchard Ballroom 1)
Liz Hamp-Lyons: Which Englishes? Problems for writing assessment.

10.00 Coffee

10.30 Parallel sessions, set 3 (x 4) until 11.10

Robert Ceperkovic: 'I got it from the Internet!' Critical awareness
	and the Internet: Are the two incongruous?
	(Orchard Ballroom 1)
Desmond Allison, Susheela Varghese and Wu Siew Mei: Tasks, feedback,
	and writing development. (Rosewood)
Edward Chan: Privileged accounts of reality: The only possible form of
	knowledge and narrative. (Juniper)
Lisa Lim and Lee Ee May: Diphthongs in Singapore English:
	Articulating our realities. (Cypress)

11.15 Parallel sessions, set 4 (x4) until 11.55

Carl Mills: Going beyond language to create sense in scientific
	discourse. (Orchard Ballroom 1)

Ramona Tang and Suganthi John: The I in identity: Exploring writer
	identity in student academic writing through the first person
	pronoun. (Rosewood)

Lim Beng Soon, Samantha Su, Nina Venkataraman and Wee Bee Geok:
	Citizenship examined: A linguistic analysis of newspaper
	articles of flight MI185 crash in December 1997. (Juniper)
Daniel Kies: I see what you mean: The theoretical consequences of
	blurring distinctions between speech and writing. (Cypress)

12.00 Parallel sessions, set 5 (x3) until 12.40
Peter Millward: Making sense in dramatic contexts. (Orchard Ballroom
Asha Tickoo: How to create a crisis: A study of ESL narrative prose.
Hitomi Masuhara: The multi-dimensional representation model: A
	neural interpretation of the process of creating sense
	during thereading process. (Juniper)
Linda Thompson: Children creating social contexts through discourse

12.40 -- 13.40 Lunch

1.45 -- 4.45 Parallel 3-hour workshops:
Jane Arnold: Affect and materials development.  (Orchard Ballroom 1)

Liz Hamp-Lyons: Judging Writing: Products and Processes. (Rosewood)
Mario Rinvolucri: Developing exercises that respect the way the
	'mind-brain' makes sense of things (1). (Juniper)
Brian Tomlinson Developing materials for creative reading (2).

(3.00 - 4.00 Afternoon tea)

5.10 - 6.10

Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture (Orchard Ballroom 1) George
P. Landow, Brown University: How does one make sense in Hypertext? Or,
reading in E-space.

6.10 End of Day 2

8.50 Announcements followed by plenary session (Orchard Ballroom 1)
Mario Rinvolucri: Filters -- some of the ways we 'cook' reality for

10.00 Coffee

10.30 Parallel sessions, set 6 (x4) until 11.10 Shi-Xu and Manfred
Kienpointner: Culture as arguable: A comparative - discourse --
analytical approach to intercultural mass communication.  (Rosewood)

Kath Copley: Death of the 'tyrant': Media constructions of Pol Pot at
the time of his passing. (Lavender 1)

Catherine Kuo: In search of oneself: A case study of growing through
writing in an advanced EFL classroom in Taiwan. (Lavender 2)

Susan Hassall: 'Creating worlds': Constructing narrative in picture
books. (Cypress)

11.15 Parallel sessions, set 7 (x4) until 11.55:

Yang Ruiying: Negotiating meaning: An analysis of Chinese learners'
	conversations in English. (Rosewood)
Takehiko Nishioka: A study on the Japanese high school students' skill
	in expressing subjectivity in their writings. (Lavender 2)
Jeffrey P. Jones: Creating political common sense: Politically
	incorrect and lay political discourse. (Cypress)

12.00 Parallel sessions, set 8 (x3) until 12.40

Graeme Cane: 'Leaving in a taxt, in a huff, or in a minute and a huff:
	Using idioms to make and remake meaning. (Rosewood)
Donald L. Smith: When the Japanese student hits the Internet head-on.
	(Lavender 2)
Khoo Sim Eng: Making sense of the Singapore feminine identity in local
	television advertisements. (Cypress)

12.40 -- 1.30 Lunch

1.30 - 4.30  Parallel 3-hour workshops:

Jane Arnold: Brain-friendly materials. (Orchard Ballroom 1)

Mario Rinvolucri: Developing exercises that respect the way the
	'mind-brain' makes sense of things (2). (Rosewood)
Anneliese Kramer-Dahl & Maha Sripathy: Developing critical
	textual awareness. (Lavender 1)
Hitomi Masuhara: Creating multi-dimensional sense in reading.
	(Lavender 2)

(3.00 - 4.00 Afternoon tea)

4.30 End of workshop sessions


Closing session -- brief commentaries on the conference (in Orchard

5.00 End of conference

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