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Subject: 9.1591, Confs: Information Fusion

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Date:  Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:52:19 -0500
From:  "Luong, Khanh Q" <khanh.q.luong at lmco.com>
Subject:  The 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion

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Date:  Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:52:19 -0500
From:  "Luong, Khanh Q" <khanh.q.luong at lmco.com>
Subject:  The 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion

The 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion will be held on
6-8 July, 1999 at Sunnyvale Hilton Inn, Silicon Valley, CA, USA with the
URL http://www.inforfusion.org/fusion99. Please forward to the
researchers who want to present the work related to "Fusion" or the
three subjects: Person Identification, Multi-Agent, and Advanced Voice
Recognition Data Fusion. Thank you in advance for contributing the

Dr. Khanh Q. Luong
khanh.q.luong at lmco.com
P.O. Box 4840, EP7-222-MD27
Syracuse, NY 13221-4840

Sponsored by International Society of Information Fusion
The 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion
6-8 July 1999  Sunnyvale Hilton Inn  Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Authors are invited to submit papers describing advances, applications,
and ideas in multi-sensor/multi-source information fusion, both theory
and application, with submissions on non-traditional topics encouraged.
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, to
be available at the Conference in July 1999. The conference will also
feature keynote speeches and plenary talks.


 system architecture and design
 hardware and software issues
 algorithms and performance
 sensor management
 artificial intelligence
 data mining & pattern recognition
 Bayesian inference net techniques
 processing of imprecise information
 reasoning by Dempster-Shafer,
 fuzzy logic, rough sets
 neural networks & genetic algorithms
 other emerging methodologies


 target detection & tracking
 automated target recognition (ATR)
 image fusion and machine vision
 robotics, manufacturing, automation
 military applications (unclassified)
 navigation, positioning & guidance
 air traffic control
 business intelligence, finance
 security & safety applications
 medicine, meteorology, diagnostics
 consumer products
 vehicles & transportation systems


Regular Papers:
Authors should submit a 300-500 summary of their paper and 3-5 keywords.
The summary should clearly state the significance of the problem and
identify their contribution to the field. Submission should include
address for correspondence (including phone, fax, and email). Submission
should be made electronically in the ASCII text format to Pramod
Varshney (Program Chair) at fusion99 at ecs.syr.edu. If electronic
submission is not possible, three hard copies of each summary should be
mailed to

Professor Pramod K Varshney
121 Link Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244, USA
Submissions by FAX will NOT be considered. Upon acceptance, a final
camera-ready manuscript of the paper should be prepared according to
instructions found at http://www.inforfusion.org/fusion99/kit.htm.
Papers should be limited to eight (8) pages - longer papers will be
subject to a charge on each extra page.

Invited Sessions:
Proposals for invited sessions are also solicited. Proposers will serve
as session chairs. Session organizers are expected to collect and review
summaries of papers in their proposed session (6 papers per session).
They should submit a one paragraph theme for their session plus a list
of papers, authors and their contact information to fusion99 at ecs.syr.edu
by February 1,1999.


 500-word summaries due: February 1, 99
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 99
Camera ready papers due: April 21, 99
Conference Proceedings ready: July 8, 99


Honorary Chair: Yaakov Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut

Steering Committee Chair: Frank White

Advisory Committee Chair: Ken Ford
NASA Ames Research Center, CA

General Chair: Daniel Zhu
Zaptron System, Inc., CA

General Vice Chair: Mark Bedworth
Defense Evaluation & Research Agency, UK

General Vice Chair: Rong X. Li
University of New Orleans, LA

Program Chair: Pramod Varshney
Syracuse University, NY

Program Vice Chair: Peter Willett              University of Connecticut

Publicity Chair: Belur Dasarathy	
Dynetics Inc., AL

Publication Chair: Robert Levinson	
University of California at Santa Cruz
Sponsors Program Chair: Erik Blasch
Air Force Research Lab/SNAT, OH

Financial Chair: Chee-Yee Chong
Booz-Allen & Hamilton, CA	

Local Arrangement Chair:
Dr. Khanh Luong
khanh.q.luong at lmco.com

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