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Date:  Sun, 15 Nov 1998 17:54:35 -0500 (EST)
From:  Alexis Dimitriadis <alexis at unagi.cis.upenn.edu>
Subject:  PWPL volume 5.1 (Proceedings of PLC 22)

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Sun, 15 Nov 1998 17:54:35 -0500 (EST)
From:  Alexis Dimitriadis <alexis at unagi.cis.upenn.edu>
Subject:  PWPL volume 5.1 (Proceedings of PLC 22)

         *                                                *
         *   PWPL v.5.1: Proceedings of the 22nd Annual   *
         *            Penn Linguistics Colloquium         *
         *                                                *

Volume 5.1 of the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics,
(Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium), is now

 1. DORA ALEXOPOULOU: Detaching Discourse Functions from Functional Projections
 2. SHARON ARMON-LOTEM & STEPHEN CRAIN: Interface Conditions on Child Language:
    A Cross-Linguistic Look at Genitives.
 3. RALPH C. BLIGHT: Formal Features and Movement at PF.
 4. JOCELYN COHAN: Semantic Features of Determiners: Toward an Account for
    Complements of D.
 5. MIRIAM ECKERT: Discourse Deixis and Anaphora Resolution in German.
 6. ROLAND HINTERHOELZL: The Syntax of IPP Constructions and the Structure of
    the Lower Middlefield in Westgermanic.
 7. BETH ANN HOCKEY & ZSUZSANNA FAGYAL: Pre-Boundary Lengthening: Universal or
    Language-Specific? The Case of Hungarian.
 8. HOWARD LASNIK: Some Reconstruction Riddles.
 9. FENGXIANG LI & LINDSAY J. WHALEY: The Life and Death of Derivational
    Morphology: Reduplication in Oroqen.
10. JEFFREY LIDZ & WILLIAM J. IDSARDI: Chains and Phono-Logical Form.
11. SIMONA PEKAREK: Deixis and the Interactional Construction of Context.
12. JOAN RAFEL: Complex Small Clauses.
13. ANN M. REED: Sloppy Definites.
14. CHUANCHIH WANG: An Event Syntactic Account of Delimitation in Mandarin.
15. SUSI WURMBRAND: Restructuring Control.

Volumes are $15 US, pre-paid.  Please do not order by email, as we can only
process prepaid orders.  (We do accept purchase orders and standing orders
from institutional buyers).  Send check or money order, made out to "Penn
Linguistics Club", to the following address:

        619 Williams Hall
        University of Pennsylvania
        Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

There is currently no charge for shipping & handling (this includes
international orders).  Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Volume 5.1 was edited by Alexis Dimitriadis, Hikyoung Lee, Christine Moisset
and Alexander Williams.

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