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Date:  Fri, 20 Nov 98 16:35:02 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  ACL99 - Student Session Call for Papers

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Date:  Fri, 20 Nov 98 16:35:02 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  ACL99 - Student Session Call for Papers

               ACL '99 Student Session Call for Papers
37th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
                          20--26 June, 1999
                        University of Maryland

    [You may find it easier to read this information on the Web at

1. Purpose

The goal of the student sessions is to provide a forum for student
members to present _work in  progress_ and receive feedback from
other members of the computational linguistics community.

The session will consist of paper presentations by student authors.
The number of papers accepted is contingent on the quality of the
submissions and the availability of presentation time during the
conference, but the student session will be at least half a day.  The
accepted papers will be published in a special section of the
conference proceedings.

Note that the student session and the main conference session are
independent; students are free to submit to either session, and each
submission will be evaluated independently and with respect to the
criteria set out by the respective organizing committees.

2. Requirements

Papers should describe original, unpublished work that is in progress
and demonstrates insight, creativity, and promise. Topics of interest
are the same as for the main conference or the thematic sessions.

2.1 Submission Restrictions

Due to differences in format requirements, papers submitted to the
main conference _cannot_ be considered for the student
sessions. Students may, of course, submit different papers to
the main conference and the student session, or papers on different
aspects of a particular problem or project. Note that for papers
presenting joint work, _all_ co-authors must be students.

Papers may be submitted to other conferences, but this must be clearly
indicated on the cover page.

The official language of the conference is English, and hence student
papers should be written in English.

2.2 Length

The maximum allowable length is 3 pages (about 1800 words), including

2.3 Format of Submission

Submissions packages should consist of a title page, followed by the

The title page should contain:
        o the paper's title;
        o the name and affiliations of the author(s);
        o a  complete address for each author;
        o an abstract;
        o a designation of the topic area(s) (one or two);
        o a statement about submission to other conferences (e.g.,
          'none' or a list); and
        o the paper ID code (see below).

We recommend that if the student authors plan to apply for travel
grants, that they include the application form (please see "Travel
Grants") with their paper submission.

2.4 Electronic Submission Code

To identify each paper, an ID code _must_ be acquired by filing an
electronic paper registration form
(http://www.mri.mq.edu.au/conf/acl99/register.html); upon successful
completion of this form, an ID code will be sent to the designated
author by e-mail. If you cannot access the electronic paper
registration form, send email to acl99 at mri.mq.edu.au with subject
IDFORM for an automatic reply.

2.5 Medium of Submission

Authors must submit their papers electronically.  Only in unusual
cases will hard copy submissions be allowed.

Electronic submissions should be either self-contained LaTeX source,
PostScript, or PDF (we encourage LaTeX submissions). PostScript
submissions must use a standard font. LaTeX submissions should not
refer to any other external files or styles except for the standard
styles for TeX 3.14 and LaTeX 2.09. The bibliography for a LaTeX
submission cannot be submitted as separate .bib file; the actual
bibliography entries must be inserted in the submitted LaTeX source

We strongly recommend the use of ACL-standard LaTeX or Word style
files for the preparation of submissions (please note that while we do
not accept Word-format files for electronic submission, postscript
files produced from them are acceptable). These styles include a place
for the required information such as ID code and word count, and allow
for a graceful transition to the style required for publication.
These files are available from the main conference web site at

If you cannot use the ACL-standard styles directly, a description of
the required format is at
http://www.mri.mq.edu.au/conf/acl99/style/substyle.html. If you cannot
access this web page, send email to acl99 at mri.mq.edu.au with subject
SUBSTYLE for an automatic reply.

2.6 Blind Reviewing

Since reviewing will be `blind', the heading
of the paper should omit author names and addresses (this information
will be inlcuded in the title page).  Self-references that reveal the
authors' identity (e.g., "We previously showed (Smith, 1991) . . .  ") should
be avoided.  Instead, use references in a neutral form (e.g., "Smith
previously showed (1991) . . . ").  Furthermore, avoid obvious
giveaways in the bibliography such as listings for unpublished
in-house technical reports.

2.7 Caveat

Papers outside the specified length and/or without an ID code are
liable to rejection without review.

2.8 Questions?

Enquiries to the co-chairs of the student session should be sent to
acl99-student at cs.utoronto.ca.

3. Travel Grants

Please see the student session web page for information about
available travel grants (http://cs.utoronto.cs/~melanie/acl/).

4. Schedule

Submissions must be received by 8 February 1999. Late submissions
(those arriving on or after 9 February 1999) will not be considered.
Acknowledgments will be emailed soon after receipt. Notification of
acceptance will be sent to authors (by email) by 29 March 1999.
Camera-ready copies of final papers must be received by 3 May 1999,
along with a signed copyright release statement.  Detailed formatting
guidelines will be provided to authors with their acceptance
notice. The student paper sessions will take place during the main
conference on June 23 -- 26, 1999.

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