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Date:  Fri, 27 Nov 1998 10:02:44 +0100
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Semantics: M. Honcoop, Dynamic Excursions on Weak Islands

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Date:  Fri, 27 Nov 1998 10:02:44 +0100
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Semantics: M. Honcoop, Dynamic Excursions on Weak Islands

from Holland Academic Graphics

Dynamic Excursions on Weak Islands

by Martin Honcoop

Dynamic excursions on weak island investigates the
phenomenon of Weak Islands within the framework of Dynamic
Semantics. Weak Islands are contexts that are transparent with
respect to some, though not all quantificational dependencies
that involve an operator and a variable-expression. Specifically,
this book explores the consequences of the novel claim that
Weak Islands reduce to the same principles of Dynamic
Semantics that account for inaccessibility. In addition, it
examines in both empirical and theoretical terms the precise
relationship between the dynamic theory of Weak Islands and
the algebraic semantic approach developed by Szabolcsi &
Zwarts (1993). This inquiry leads to a number of further
developments of Dynamic Semantics, such as an intensional
version of Existential Disclosure and an algorithm for
computing the dynamic properties of an expression on the basis
of its Boolean properties.

Contents: 1. Preamble: A semantic account of weak islands  2. A
dynamic semantics  3. Dynamic binding across weak islands
Algaebraic versus dynamic perspectives on weak islands  5.
Summary and conclusions

1998. xx+218 pp. ISBN: 90 5569 056 2. Paperback. [LOT
International Series 13. HIL/Leiden University dissertation.]
Price for individuals ordering directly from the publisher: NLG

Holland Academic Graphics

PO Box 53292
2505 AG The Hague
The Netherlands


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