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Date:  Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:22:56 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Andrew Carnie <carnie at linguistlist.org>
Subject:  The Sounds of English: Phonetics and Phonology for English Teachers

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Date:  Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:22:56 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Andrew Carnie <carnie at linguistlist.org>
Subject:  The Sounds of English: Phonetics and Phonology for English Teachers

Phonetics and Phonology for English Teachers in Southeast Asia

David H. Deterding and Gloria R. Poedjosoedarmo

This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the phonetics
and phonology of English in straightforward language, suitable for
non-specialist readers. It is especially intended for students in
Southeast Asia who are preparing to be English teachers, so in most
cases where examples from non-English languages are given, the
languages are those found in Southeast Asia. In addition, for each of
the major languages of East and Southeast Asia, there is a chapter
giving a brief description of its sound system. These chapters enable
students to make a comparison between the sounds of English and those
of languages they are likely to use or hear.

In the modern world, most students are likely to come into contact
with more than one variety of English. This book therefore provides a
description of the two major standard accents of English that students
are likely to hear on radio, TV and in films: Southern Standard
British (SSB) and General American (GA).

Table of Contents

1     Introduction
2     Speech Production
3     Vowel Sounds
4     English Vowels: SSB Pronunciation
5     English Vowels: GA
6     Consonant Sounds
7     English Consonants
8     Sounds and Symbols
9     Phonemes and Allophones
10     The Syllable: Phonotactics and Consonant Clusters
11     Suprasegmental Features of English: Word Stress
12     Suprasegmental Aspects of Speech: Stress and Rhythm
13     Suprasegmental Aspects of Speech: Tones and Intonation
14     Suprasegmental Features of English: More on Stress and Intonation
15     Other Features of Connected Speech
16     Language Variation
17     A New Variety: Singapore English Pronunciation
18     The Contrastive Analysis of Sound Systems and Language Teaching
19     The Malay Sound System
20     The Javanese Sound System
21     The Mandarin Chinese Sound System
22     The Sound Systems of Some Chinese Dialects
23     The Thai Sound System
24     The Tamil Sound System
25     The Tagalog Sound System
26     The Japanese Sound System
27     The Korean Sound System
28     Computer Analysis of Speech
29     Using Computers to Teach Pronunciation
Key to Practice Activities


Prentice Hall, Singapore
ISBN: 0-13-096011-X (paper)
Extent: approx. 304 pages
Trim size: 9.25" * 7"
Pub date: July 1998


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