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Date:  Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:47:02 -0400
From:  Paul Peranteau <paul at benjamins.com>
Subject:  Morphology and Syntax

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Date:  Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:47:02 -0400
From:  Paul Peranteau <paul at benjamins.com>
Subject:  Morphology and Syntax

John Benjamins Publishing announces the following two new works:

Morphology-Driven Syntax.
A theory of V to I raising and pro-drop.
Bernhard Wolfgang ROHRBACHER
Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 15
US & Canada: 1 55619 234 7 / USD 75.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 2736 5 / NLG 150.00 (Hardcover)

This book argues that syntactic parameters are set in a principled
fashion on the basis of overt functional morphology. The main focus of
the book is on the different positions of the finite verb in the
Germanic SVO languages. In addition, other syntactic phenomena (null
subjects, transitive expletive constructions and object shift) and
other language families (Romance, Semitic and Slavic) are discussed. A
common explanation for all of the discussed phenomena is proposed: If
and only if the features for "person" are distinctively marked by the
agreement morphology, the agreement affixes are listed separately in
the lexicon and project phrases of their own in syntax where they
attract the verb to the head positions and allow the specifier
positions to be filled by various phonologically (un)realized
elements. Special attention is given to issues of historical
development and child language acquisition.

Boundaries of Morphology and Syntax.
Lunella MEREU (ed.)
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 180
US & Canada: 1 55619 957 0 / USD 79.00 (Hardcover)
Rest of world: 90 272 3686 0 / NLG 158.00 (Hardcover)

The volume collects a selection of papers presented at a European
Colloquium held at the Universite degli Studi di Roma Tre in October
1997.  It focuses on phenomena at the boundary between morphology and
syntax, and provides analyses for data from the fields of both
inflectional and derivational morphology and word
order. Morpho-syntactic phenomena are analysed cross-linguistically
and cross-theoretically, as typologically-different languages
(European, Afro-Asiatic, American and Austronesian ones) are dealt
with and compared according to a variety of approaches, from
minimalism and lexical-functional grammar to grammaticalization
theory, taking into account both synchronic variation and diachronic

The volume is divided into three sections: I. Morphological phenomena
and their boundaries, II. Morpho-syntax and pragmatics, and
III. Morpho-syntax and semantics, as the interaction with the higher
components of the grammar is seen as contributing to explaining
variation in morpho-syntactic behaviour.

Contributions by: Paola Beninca; Antonietta Bisetto & Sergio Scalise;
Marianne Mithun & Greville G. Corbett; Christoph Schwarze; Marco
Svolacchia & Annarita Puglielli; Johan van der Auwera; Maria Zaleska;
Claire Blanche-Veniste; Elisabet Engdahl; Mara Frascarelli; Katalin
Kiss; Lunella Mereu; Vincenzo Lo Cascio & Elisabetta Jezek; Stella
Markantonatou; Rosanna Sornicola.

John Benjamins Publishing Co. website: http://www.benjamins.com


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