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Subject: 10.1189, TOC: SYNTAX

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Date:  Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:43:33 +0100
From:  Carter Clare <CCarter at BlackwellPublishers.co.uk>
Subject:  SYNTAX, Linguistics Abstracts Online

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Date:  Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:43:33 +0100
From:  Carter Clare <CCarter at BlackwellPublishers.co.uk>
Subject:  SYNTAX, Linguistics Abstracts Online

"The new journal SYNTAX is a welcome arrival, with outstanding editors and
fine prospects. I look forward with much anticipation to the forthcoming
issues."  - Noam Chomsky, MIT

SYNTAX aims to unite related but often disjointedly represented areas of
syntactic inquiry together in one publication. Within a single forum SYNTAX
will accommodate both the explosive growth and increased specialization in
the field of syntax.

Contents of the August 1999 issue:
Multiple Case Checking - Susana Bejar and Diane Massam

Gambling on UG: The Application of Monte Carlo Computer Simulation to the
Analysis of L2 Reflexes - Katrien N. Christie and Phillip Christie

Two Types of Impersonal Sentences in Spanish: Locative and Dative Subjects -
Olga Fernandex-Soriano

Events and Economy of Coordination - Ljiljana Progovac

Edited by Samuel Epstein and Suzanne Flynn
ISSN: 1368-0005, 3 issues a year, Volume 2, 1999

For subscription details or to order a sample copy of SYNTAX please contact
Clare Carter (quoting reference 89BB466)  at:
ccarter at blackwellpublishers.co.uk


LINGUISTICS ABSTRACTS ONLINE is designed to revolutionize research and
teaching by giving immediate access via the World Wide Web to more than
15,000 abstracts from nearly 300 linguistics journals published since 1985.

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We are currently offering libraries a free 30-day trial link to the
LINGUISTICS ABSTRACTS ONLINE website. During this period we will provide
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