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Date:  12 Aug 99 15:36:16 +0800
From:  Joyce Reid <jreid at cup.org>
Subject:  Phonology -- Slavic Prosody, Representations, Intonation

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Date:  12 Aug 99 15:36:16 +0800
From:  Joyce Reid <jreid at cup.org>
Subject:  Phonology -- Slavic Prosody, Representations, Intonation

Cambridge University Press announces the availability of this new work
in phonology

Slavic Prosody
Language Change and Phonological Theory
Christina Y. Bethin

Slavic Prosody is about the Slavic languages and how they changed over
time, especially in their syllable structure and accent patterns. This
is not a traditional comparative grammar but rather a discussion of
selected problems in Slavic and how they relate to contemporary
linguistic theory.

Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 86
0-521-59148-1 Hardback $69.95

Phonological Representations
Their Names, Forms and Powers
John Coleman

This book reviews current theories of the sound-structure of words and
syllables. Dr. Coleman presents technical arguments showing that the
contemporary theories are too complex and that a simpler theory,
Declarative Phonology, is adequate. This theory is exemplified with
detailed accounts of the sound-structure of words and syllables in
English and Japanese.

Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 85
0-521-47208-3  Hardback  $74.95

Intonation Systems
A Survey of Twenty Languages
Daniel Hirst and Albert Di Cristo, Editors

This is the first comprehensive study of the intonation of different
languages of the world, written by a team of leading scholars in the
field, most of whom are native speakers of the language in
question. Surveying twenty languages, the volume introduces a new
system for the multilingual transcription of intonation patterns. The
chapters are organized following the same general outline to highlight
the differences among languages. The emphasis is on description and
comparison, rather than on theory, making this an invaluable
sourcebook for researchers in the field.

Daniel Hirst, Albert Di Cristo, Dwight Bolinger, Dafydd Gibbon, Johan't Hart,
Eva Gsarding, Nina Grannum, Santiago Alcoba, Julio Murillo, Madalena
Cruz-Ferreira, Joao Antonio de Moraes, Mario Rossi, Laurentia Dascalu-Jinga,
Natalia Svetozarova, Anastasia Misheva, Michel Nikov, Antonis Botinis, Antti
Iivonen, Ivan Fonagy, Thami Benkirane, Isamu Abe, Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin, Do
The Dung, Tran Thein Huong, Georges Boulakia, Paul Kratochvil
0-521-39513-5  Hardback  $74.95
0-521-39550-X  Paperback  $27.95

Available for reviews


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