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Subject: 10.1267, Confs: NELS 30 Program and Registration

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Date:  Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:47:22 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Ron Artstein <artstein at eden.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  NELS 30 Program and Registration

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:47:22 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Ron Artstein <artstein at eden.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  NELS 30 Program and Registration

NELS 30 - Conference of the North East Linguistic Society

                    October 22-24, 1999

        Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
            New Brunswick/Piscataway, New Jersey

Invited Speakers: John McCarthy, University of Massachusetts
                  Anna Szabolcsi, New York University
                  Mark Baker, Rutgers University

Please check our web site for travel, accommodations, and
program and registration updates:



Early registration (before September 23): Student $20,
                                          Faculty $45
Late registration (after September 23): Student $25,
                                        Faculty $50

For advance registration we can only accept checks drawn
on US banks. Please make the checks payable to Rutgers
University, and send them to us at:

               NELS 30 Organizing Committee
               Rutgers University
               Department of Linguistics
               18 Seminary Place
               New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1184

For on-site registration we can also take cash.


Friday, October 22

Learnability workshop until 13:00 (details forthcoming)

Registration and lunch after 13:00

(Plenary Session)

Session I: Syntax-Semantics Interface

14:20 Opening Remarks
14:30 INVITED SPEAKER: Anna Szabolcsi, NYU
15:30 Carlo Cecchetto, Siena: What syntax cannot do is
      pseudocleft connectivity
16:00 Rajesh Bhatt, Texas: Adjectival Modifiers and the
      Raising Analysis of Relative Clauses
16:30 ---break---
17:00 Cedric Boeckx, Connecticut: Interpreting A-chains at
      the interface
17:30 Diana Cresti, Michigan: Ellipsis and Reconstruction in
      Relative Clauses
18:00 Kai von Fintel and Sabine Iatridou, MIT: Quantifiers,
      Modals, and If-Clauses
18:30 ---end---

Saturday, October 23

(Plenary Session)

Session II: Syntax

08:30 ---coffee---
09:00 INVITED SPEAKER: Mark Baker, Rutgers
10:00 Cornelia Krause, MIT: On an (in-)visible Property of
      Inherent Case

10:30 ---break---

(Parallel Sessions)

Session IIIa: Syntax (and acquisition of syntax)

11:00 Maaike Verrips, Utrecht: Passives and implicit
      arguments in child language
11:30 Andrew Simpson, SOAS and Tanmoy Bhattacharya, UCL:
      Obligatory overt wh-movement in a wh-in-situ language
12:00 Arthur Stepanov, Connecticut: Late Adjunction and
      Minimalist Phrase Structure

Session IIIb: Phonology

11:00 Matt Goldrick, Johns Hopkins: Turbid OT: Opacity in
11:30 Anthi Revithiadou, Massachusetts and Arto Anttila,
      Boston University: Rhythmic Variation in Allomorph
12:00 Adam Sherman, UC Santa Cruz: Root-and-pattern
      morphology without roots or patterns

12:30 ---business meeting---

13:30 ---lunch and poster session 1 (semantics, phonology,

Session IVa: Syntax

15:00 LONG TALK: Zeljko Boskovic, Connecticut: What is
      special about multiple wh-fronting?
16:00 Milan Rezac, Toronto: Objects and Operations
16:30 Jon Nissenbaum, MIT: Covert Movement and Parasitic

Session IVb: Phonology

15:00 LONG TALK: John Alderete, British Columbia: Dominance
      Effects as Anti-Faithfulness
16:00 K. David Harrison and Abigail Kaun, Yale:
      Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization
16:30 Patrik Bye, Tromso and Paul de Lacy, Massachusetts:
      Edge Asymmetries in Phonology: Eliminating Right Edge

17:00 ---break---

(Plenary Session)

Session V: Syntax

17:30 Kazue Takeda, UC Irvine: Multiple Headed Relatives in
      English and Japanese
18:00 Gereon Mueller, Stuttgart: Shape Conservation and
      Remnant Movement

18:30 ---end---

19:00 ---party---

Sunday, October 24

08:30 ---coffee---

(Parallel Sessions)

Session VIa: Syntax

09:00 LONG TALK: Chris Kennedy, Northwestern: Comparative
      (sub-) deletion: Evidence for ranked violable
      constraints in syntax
10:00 Geraldine Legendre, Johns Hopkins: Evidence for an OT
      conception of a `parallel' interface
10:30 Hanjung Lee, Stanford: The Emergence of the Unmarked
      Order in Hindi

Session VIb: Semantics

09:00 LONG TALK: Yoad Winter, Technion: DP Structure and
      Flexible Semantics
10:00 Stefano Vegnaduzzo, UCLA: Generalizing Exception
      Constructions: the Case of Romance UNTIL
10:30 Calixto Aguero-Bautista, MIT: On Pair-list Readings

11:00 ---break---

Session VIIa: Syntax

11:30 Robert Frank and Fero Kuminiak, Johns Hopkins:
      Primitive Asymmetric C-Command Derives X'-Theory
12:00 Christina Tortora, Michigan: Functional heads and
      object clitics
12:30 Chung-hye Han and Anthony Kroch, Pennsylvania: The
      rise of do-support in English imperatives:
      implications for clause structure

Session VIIb: Semantics

11:30 Rong Yang, Rutgers: Universal Quantification &
      Distributivity in Chinese
12:00 Mandy Simons, Carnegie Mellon: Felicitous
      Disjunctions, Presupposition and Anaphora
12:30 Beata Gyuris, Hungarian Academy of Science: Adverbial
      Quantifiers in Contrastive Topic in Hungarian

13:00 ---lunch and poster session 2 (syntax)---

(Plenary session)

Session VIII: Phonology

14:30 INVITED SPEAKER: John McCarthy, Massachusetts
15:30 Caro Struijke, Maryland: Why Constraint Conflict can
      Disappear in Reduplication
16:00 Rene Kager, Utrecht: Ternary Alternations and Lexical

16:30 ---end---

Posters: (* designates alternate talk)

Poster session 1 (Saturday)


* Bert Vaux, Harvard: Uyghur Raising and the Nature of
- Arto Anttila, Boston University and Young-mee Yu Cho,
  Rutgers: NDEB as a Faithfulness Effect
- Katherine M. Crosswhite, UCLA: The Non-Unitary Nature of
  Vowel Reduction
- Ahmadu Ndanusa Kawu, Rutgers/Ilorin: Structural Markedness
  and Nonreduplicative Copying
- Jie Zhang, UCLA: Phonetic Duration Effects on Contour


* Cassandre Creswell, Pennsylvania: The discourse function
  of verum focus in wh-questions
- Ryan Bush, UC Santa Cruz and Magda Tevdoradze:
  Identificational Foci in Georgian
- Gwang-Yoon Goh, Ohio State: Is the tough-subject thematic?
- Na-Rae Han, Pennsylvania: Semantic Analysis of Korean
  Wh-words and Questions
- Caroline Heycock and Roberto Zamparelli, Edinburgh:
  Friends and Colleagues: Plurality and NP Coordination
- Graham Katz, Tuebingen: Accounting for the stative adverb
- Orin Percus, Milan: Copular sentences and how to use them


* Veronique van Gelderen, Leiden and John Grinstead,
  University of Northern Iowa: Evidence for Early
  Convergence from Child Russian and Catalan Imperatives
- Andrea Gualmini, Luisa Meroni and Stephen Crain, Maryland:
  The Acquisition of Disjunction: Evidence from Modal Verbs

Poster session 2 (Sunday)


* Martina Wiltschko, British Columbia/Vienna: The
  categorical determination of pronominal binding properties
* Alan C. L. Yu and Jeff Good, UC Berkeley: Morphosyntax of
  two Turkish subject pronominal paradigms
- Artemis Alexiadou, Tuebingen and Elena Anagnostopoulou,
  University of Crete: Clitic-Doubling and
- Adolfo Ausin, Connecticut: Where does idiom interpretation
- Paul Hagstrom, Johns Hopkins: The movement of question
- Peter Hallman, UCLA: Germanic Verb-Final as a Subcase of
- Michela M. Ippolito, MIT: The Syntax of Temporal
  Subordinate Clauses
- Dalina Kallulli, Durham/Vienna: Restrictive Relative
  Clauses Revisited
- Jan Koster, Groningen: Pied Piping and the Word Orders of
  English and Dutch
- Jonas Kuhn, Stuttgart: Resolving some apparent formal
  problems of OT-Syntax
- Winfried Lechner, Tuebingen: Conjunction Reduction in
  Subordinate Structures
- Masao Ochi, Connecticut: Adjunct Wh-in-situ and the
  Nominal Island
- Ivy Sichel, CUNY: Evidence for DP-internal Remnant
- Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, Pennsylvania State: Minimalist
  Ideas on Parametric Variation
- Jeong-Me Yoon, Myongji University: Cyclic Spell-Out Model
  and a Parametric Approach to Pied-Piping in English

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