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Subject: 10.687, TOC: Glot International 4-4

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Date:  Mon, 03 May 1999 23:23:38 +0200
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Glot International 4-4

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Date:  Mon, 03 May 1999 23:23:38 +0200
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Glot International 4-4

Table of Contents:  Glot International 4-4

Editors: Lisa Cheng and Rint Sybesma

Publisher: Rene Mulder -- Holland Academic Graphics --

Heidi Harley and Rolf Noyer on
"Distributed morphology"
"The  Martian' rule of plural formation is easy to express in a
process-morphology: instead of adding an affix, one simply deletes the final

*Guest Column
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng and Rint Sybesma on
"Chomsky's Universal Grammar under fire!"
"[L]et's not try to find out how well-informed the writers are."

"Projecting the adjective. The syntax and semantics of gradability and
comparison" by Chris Kennedy (1997, UCSC)
reviewed by Petra Hendriks

"Prosodic words" by Sharon Peperkamp (1997, Amsterdam)
reviewed by Caroline Wiltshire

"Word order and clausal structure in Spanish and other Romance
by Francisco Ord\162\164ez (1997, CUNY)
reviewed by Jo\198o Costa

*Book reviews
"Two textbooks"
Maggie Tallerman's "Understanding syntax" (1998, Arnold),
reviewed by Marcel den Dikken
Ian Roberts' "Comparative syntax" (1997, Arnold),
reviewed by Rint Sybesma

"Linguistic E-conferences" by Daniel Seely

*Conference reports
Going Romance 1998 (Utrecht, December 1998) by Josep Quer
14th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (Lund, January 1999)
by Kleanthes K. Grohmann

*Leaving the field
Rint Sybesma on Stanislas Dehaene's
"The number sense. How the mind creates mathematics" (1997,

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