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Subject: 10.706, Confs: Discourses and Learning

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Date:  Thu, 6 May 1999 20:28:00 +0100
From:  LDTAP99 <ldtap99 at exchange.lancs.ac.uk>
Subject:  Discourses and Learning: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives          (programme)

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 6 May 1999 20:28:00 +0100
From:  LDTAP99 <ldtap99 at exchange.lancs.ac.uk>
Subject:  Discourses and Learning: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives          (programme)

Below is the preliminary programme for the Lancaster University Applied
Linguistics Conference 1999. It may also be accessed on the web at the
following address: http:\\www.ling.lancs.ac.uk\

Requests for further information may be addressed to Ms Elaine Heron
(Conference Secretary):

Discourses and Learning: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives,
Department of Linguistics,
Lancaster University,
Bailrigg, Lancaster,
LA1 4YT, U.K.

tel: +44-1524-593050
e-mail: ldtap99 at lancaster.ac.uk

10th and 11th July 1999

- ------------
Michael Breen (University of Stirling)
The Discourse of Assessment: The Case of Young ESL Students in Australia

Carmen Caldas-Coulthard (University of Birmingham)
Toys as the Representation of Gendered Social Actors

- ---------------------------------
Dick Allwright (Lancaster University)
Discoursal Dilemmas in the Language Classroom

David Barton (Lancaster University)
Classroom Discourses is about Texts

Norman Fairclough (Lancaster University)
The Discourse of New Labour

Roz Ivanic, Sophie Case, Fiona Ormerod and Michaela Tilinca (Lancaster
The Discourses of Writing and Learning to Write

Greg Myers (Lancaster University)
'In My Opinion' Statements of Personal Evaluations in Students' Writing

- ------------------
Richard Badger (University of Stirling)
Legal and General: Towards a Genre Analysis of Law Reports

Ester Baiget i Bonany (Lancaster University)
Language Alternation and the (Re)Construction Identity in Bilingual
Classroom Discourse: Evidence from Catalonia

Beth Callen (Lancaster University)
The Discourse of Intercultural Experience

Awena Carter (Lancaster University)
Dyslexic Children's Difficulties with Text-to-Life and Life-to-Text

Vincent, Tao Hsun Chang (National Taiwan University)
Advertising Discourse: a Pragmatic and Critical Analysis of Chinese

Jenny A. Clarence-Fincham (University of Natal)
Multiple Perspectives in a South African University: Understanding Black
Students Response to Institutional Discourse

Sonia Cunico (Lancaster University/University of Portsmouth)
Is There a Place for Stylistics in this Class? The Role of Stylistics in
the Translation Class

Gabi Cusen (Brasov University, Romania)
Pilot Diary Study Focusing on the Language Learning Strategies of
Romanian English Major and Minor Undergraduates

Cheryl Engber (Truman State University)
'Shifting the Burden': Discourse Strategies Used in Oral Self-Assessment

Sheena R. Gardner (University of Warwick)
Assessment Criteria in Taped Oral Feedback

Sue Garton (University of Parma, Italy)
Investigating Learner Initiative in EFL Classrooms

Liana Gherdan (University of Oradea, Romania)
Investigation Student Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
English as a Foreign Language

Simon Gieve (Lancaster University/University of Portsmouth)
Discourse Learning in Teacher Education

Codruta Gosa (Lancaster University)
Construction of Identity in a text produced in a post-communist academic

Lesley Gourlay (University of Edinburgh)
Boundary Discourse' and Transitions from Group Work to Plenary in an EFL
Classroom Setting

Howard Grabois (University of Alberta)
Activity Theory and the Discursive Construction of Belief Systems in
Multisection Language Courses

Jim Hutton (University of Edinburgh)
The Discourse of Post-lesson Debriefing

Beatrice Georgetta Ilies (North University, Baia-Mare, Romania)
The Role of Classroom Observation in Teaching Student Trainees how to

Jenny Kappel (Vrije Universiteit, Brussel)
Discourse Conventions: Assessing L2 Students' Writing Ability

Guray Konig, Nalan Buyukkantarcioglu and Firdevs Karahan (Hacettepe
Evaluating Language Skills in the Context of Functional Literacy: A
Literacy Practice Project with Turkish Speakers from a Sociolinguistic

Katja Lochtman (Vrije Universiteit, Brussel)
Negotiation in the Foreign Language Classroom: How Negative Feedback
Affects Classroom Interaction

Simona Moti (University of Timisoara, Romania)
Literature vs Teaching Literature: Restating the Problem

Julie Norton (University of Leicester)
The Discourse of Oral Proficiency Interviews: The Performance of
Japanese Candidates in the Cambridge Speaking Tests

Nurdan Ozbek (Middle East Technical University)
Do the Differences in Discourse Marker Use in Turkish and English Casual
Conversation Indicate Significant Differences in Linguistic Strategies
of Turkish and English Speakers?

Alison Piper (University of Southampton)
'Let them eat skills': Lifelong Learning and the Discourses of Late

Kathy Pitt (Lancaster University)
>>From Home to School to Home: Informal Learning Transformed

Isabela Preoteasa (University of Bucharest/University of Lancaster)
Ideology and Mythology: Images of Romanianness in an English Language

Mick Randall (University College Chichester)
Hark! I can hear someone learning - or can I? A Discussion of Insights
to be Gained from Analysing Group Interaction

Anne M. Roberti (University of Pennsylvania)
Tapping Discursive Resources Linked to the Arts: A Conceptual Framework

Helen Sauntson (University of Birmingham)
Girls, Boys and Discourse Performances: A Discourse-Based Approach to
Examining Constructions of Gender Identities in the Key Stage 3
Technology Classroom

Elena Semino (Lancaster University)
A 'sikly infant' or a 'bouncing baby'? Metaphorical Representations of
the Euro in the British and Italian Press

Mrs Rose Senior (Curtin University)
Teacher Discourse as a Window on Classroom Social Processes

Deborah Short (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington D.C.)
Language, Content, and Task: How Teacher Discourse Promotes Academic
Literacy for ESL Students

Daniela Sorea (University of Bucharest, Romania)
Schema-refreshing' tasksheets as learning instruments

Tan Bee Tin (Chichester Institute of Higher Education)
Analysing group interaction patterns in academic settings: Group
interaction, knowledge construction and idea framing

Alex Teasdale and Constant Leung (Thames Valley University)
Task-Oriented Language Use: An Empirical Investigation in the Mainstream
Primary Classroom

Asha Tickoo (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The Challenge of Unstated Meaning: A Study of ESL Written Recall of
Narrative Prose

Mihaela Tilinca (University of Timisoara, Romania)
I can't read the way they read in school: a Nine year old talking about
her literacy 'experiences'

Anita Wilson (Lancaster University)
Prison Literacies - Social or Asocial Discourse?

Zhongjie Wu (Lancaster University)
Why I cannot get rid of my power? Investigating teacher's
power-knowledge relations

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