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Subject: 10.708, Calls: Descriptive Grammars

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Date:  Thu, 06 May 1999 11:08:00 +0200
From:  LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de (LINCOM EUROPA)
Subject:  Descriptive Grammars

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Date:  Thu, 06 May 1999 11:08:00 +0200
From:  LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de (LINCOM EUROPA)
Subject:  Descriptive Grammars

Call for Contributions

Languages of the World/Materials
LINCOM's Descriptive Grammar series

In Languages of the World/Materials (LW/M) short descriptive grammars
of basically all languages and dialects are accepted for
publication. From the more than 6000 languages of the world many are
not or not well documented. In many cases access to data is more than
difficult.  The LW/M series gives you an opportunity to publish the
results of your (field) research, gives a first impression on hitherto
un-surveyed languages, gathers material on 'endangered languages', or
summarizes data which are so-far scattered in learning material,
various articles, dictionaries, and/or are written in languages which
are not readable by most linguists. Translations of grammatical
sketches already published but whose language of publication is not
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or German are also welcome. The
author should also mention problems and areas of grammar which need
further investigation.

The language description is rather traditional, containing basic
information on the phonology /phonetics, morphology and syntax of the
language, plus one or two short texts with interlinear
translation. The number of pages is limited to 120. Among the
readership of the series are scholars of General Linguistics,
especially scholars of Language Typology, and students of the
respective language or language family.

A special concern of the series is the first description of so called
'endangered' languages/dialects and languages where survey is urgently
needed in order to have, at least, a short documentation of a language
where linguistic research won't be possible for a long time or the
language is in danger to die in the near future.

Meanwhile the 'Languages of the World/Text Collections' (LW/T) series
has been added to the LW/M series offering text collections either
with morheme-by-morpheme translations or, preferably, with footnote
analysis.  The first publications in this series are a collection of
Ardesen-Laz texts by Kutscher/Gen\231 in English and Turkish and a
collection of Tariana texts by Alexandra Aikhenvald, an endangered
North Arawak language spoken in the region of the river Vaupes,
North-West Amazonia.

More comprehensive grammars are accepted as well, but published in
other series. So far ca. 200 grammars have been published in the LW/M
series or are in preparation (please see our internet
list). Contributions from both established figures in the field as
well as newer scholars are welcome.

The style sheet can be seen on


or is directly available from the publisher.

Contact: Ulrich J. Lueders, LINCOM EUROPA, Paul-Preuss-Str. 25, D-80995
Muenchen, Germany. LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de.

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