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Subject: 10.751, FYI: Mary Haas Award, Language Use List

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Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 12:53:13 -0400
From:  Keren Rice <rice at chass.utoronto.ca>
Subject:  Mary Haas Award

Date:  Mon, 17 May 1999 13:46:57 +0200
From:  Alan Firth <firth at sprog.auc.dk>
Subject:  Language Use List, (re)subscription

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 12:53:13 -0400
From:  Keren Rice <rice at chass.utoronto.ca>
Subject:  Mary Haas Award

Dear Colleague:

I am writing to you about The Mary R. Haas Award, presented annually
by The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the
Americas.  I would appreciate it if you could bring the following
annoucement to the attention of interested faculty and students in
your department or program.

The Mary R. Haas Award is presented to an unpublished manuscript from
a younger scholar that makes a significant substantive contribution to
the knowledge of American Indian languages. The selection committee is
now accepting submissions for the 1999 Mary R. Haas Award.
Submissions should be monographs (dissertations are preferred) or
other works reflecting substantial effort, including full dictionaries
or edited collections of texts.  Scholars with or without academic
affiliation are encouraged to submit their work, but holders of
tenured faculty positions are not normally eligible.  The selection
committee has not specified how recently a work should have been
completed, so any dissertation of reasonably recent vintage dealing
specifically with a Native American language or languages qualifies.
A single clean copy of the manuscript (unbound if possible) should be
submitted, together with a short letter describing the circumstances
of the work.  The awardee will be selected by a standing committee of
the Society including Sally McLendon, Keren Rice, Louanna Furbee, and
Douglas R. Parks.  Although the award carries no stipend, SSILA will
work with the author to arrange for the publication of the winning
manuscript, where possible in the University of Nebraska Press series,
Studies in the Anthropology of the North American Indian. The
committee will only be able to consider manuscripts written in

Manuscripts should be mailed to: Keren Rice, SSILA Book Award,
Dept. of Linguistics, University of Toronto, 130 St. George Street,
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5S 3H1 (tel: 416/978-1763; e-mail:
rice at chass.utoronto.ca).  Since Prof. Rice will photocopy and
distribute copies to the other committee members, a loose copy is
preferred.  All submissions should reach her no later than August 15,

The 1998 winner of the Mary R. Haas Award was Anna M. S. Berge, for
her University of California - Berkeley dissertation, Topic and
Discourse Structure in West Greenlandic Agreement Constructions.  The
work, in the words of the selection committee, "stands out in
providing a clear and accessible discourse-based analysis of
ergativity, switch-reference, topic, and theme in West Greenlandic,
demonstrating both breadth and depth in a difficult and important area
of West Greenlandic structure."  It represents "a valuable permanent
contribution to Eskimo linguistics, to the study of discourse in the
native languages of the Americas, and to the study of discourse in


Keren Rice

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 17 May 1999 13:46:57 +0200
From:  Alan Firth <firth at sprog.auc.dk>
Subject:  Language Use List, (re)subscription

The internet discussion list 'Language Use' is dedicated to issues
relevant to the study and analysis of discourse, conversation,
talk-in-interaction, and social action in general. Issues regularly
covered on the list are interdisciplinary in nature, and reflect the
breadth and dynamism of contemporary research into discourse and
spoken interaction in a wide variety of social contexts.

Please note that subscription to the Language Use discussion list
should be renewed. New subscribers are also welcome.

Procedures for (re)subscribing are as follows:

send an email message to:

Majordomo at sprog.auc.dk

in the body (*not* the 'subject' line) of the email, write:

subscribe languse

That is all. Do not add your name or your email address. Shortly after
that, two messages will be sent to you, the first confirming your
subscription, the second containing instructions on the various
automated Majordomo commands. Please keep this second message for
reference purposes.

Once you are resubscribed, you will be able to use the list as
normal. The address for all correspondence will be:

languse at sprog.auc.dk

All contributions should be sent there. But first, (re)subscribe to
the Majordomo at sprog.auc.dk address.

Alan Firth
List Manager
Aalborg University, Denmark

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