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Subject: 10.793, Books: Verb Semantics, Diathesis and Aspect

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Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 12:00:16 +0200
From:  LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de (LINCOM EUROPA)
Subject:  Verb Semantics, Diathesis and Aspect

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Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 12:00:16 +0200
From:  LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de (LINCOM EUROPA)
Subject:  Verb Semantics, Diathesis and Aspect

Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova, NTNU, Trondheim

This work addresses issues of the interface between the lexical
specification of verbs and the level of Morpho-syntactic structure and
verbal Aspect. The main claim is that the properties of constructions
are largely predictable from the semantic properties of the head verb.
This claim also extends to predictions concerning the aspectual
properties of constructions. The languages on which this study is based
include Germanic (English, Norwegian and German) and Slavic (Bulgarian
and Russian). The analysis is carried out within a framework of grammar
called 'The Sign Model', currently under development. The discussion
focuses on a number of aspectual processes attested cross-linguistically
and the problems they pose for a unified treatment. In the course of
presentation an illustration is given of the systematic interrelation
between the morpho-syntactic realization of constructions and their
aspectual properties. While providing a discussion of the relevant
existing proposals for the treatment of Aspect (Aspectuality) in view of
the syntactic properties of constructions, the work also indicates a
system geared towards a unified analysis.

A considerable part of the book is devoted to the implementation of the
Sign Model to the analysis of passive constructions based on a notional
definition of PASSIVE. A number of construction types
cross-linguistically are matched against this definition, such as
middles in English, impersonals in Germanic, and the Bulgarian
constructions involving the reflexive clitic se. An attempt is made at
defining the constraints for each of the above construction types which
arise from the lexical specification of the head verbs. The book also
includes a proposal concerning the aspectual properties of passives and
the role palyed by passive morphology in aspect construal.

ISBN 3 89586 572 9.
LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 08.
Ca. 200 pp. USD 68 / DM 102 / pound sterling 38.

Info: LINCOM EUROPA, Paul-Preuss-Str. 25, D-80995 Muenchen, Germany; FAX
+49 89 3148909; http://home.t-online.de/home/LINCOM.EUROPA;
LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de.


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