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Date:  Fri, 21 May 1999 11:25:45 -0400
From:  JJ Nakayama <Nakayama.1 at osu.edu>
Subject:  Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

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Date:  Fri, 21 May 1999 11:25:45 -0400
From:  JJ Nakayama <Nakayama.1 at osu.edu>
Subject:  Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

The Ninth Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference
July 31-August 2, 1999
The Ohio State University

Saturday, July 31
8:30-9:00 	Registration/Breakfast
9:00-9:15 	Opening Remarks (Professor J. Marshall Unger, DEALL Chair)
9:30-10:00	Hyunsook Kang & Seo-Hwa Hahn (Hanyang University)
		"Nasalization before a liquid in Yonbyon dialect of Korean"
10:00-10:30	Byung-jin Lim (Indiana University)
		"The role of syllable weight and position on prominence in
10:30-11:00	Young-Mee Yu Cho (Rutgers University)
		"Deriving optionality in Korean glide formation"
11:00-11:15 	Break
11:15-11:45	Shravan Vasishth (The Ohio State Univesity)
		"Quantificational elements and polarity licensing in Japanese"
11:45-12:15	Jeong-Hwa Lee (Rice University)
		"A cognitive approach to connective particles -e and -ko:
		Conceptual unity and conceptual separation in Korean motion
12:15-12:45	David McKercher & Yookyung Kim (Stanford University)
		"What does ssik in Korean really mean?"
12:45-2:10 	Lunch
2:10-2:40	Noriko Yoshimura (University of Shizuoka)
		"The structure of head-internal relative clauses in Japanese
2:40-3:10	Youngjun Jang (Chungang University)
		"The role of the coordinators in interpreting ANY in Korean"
3:10-3:40	Tomoko Kozasa (University of Hawaii)
		"Code-switching in Japanese/English: A study of Japanese-
		American WWII veterans"
3:40-3:55 	Break
3:55-4:25	Sanae Eda (The Ohio State University)
		"A new approach to the analysis of the sentence final particles                ne and yo: An interface between prosody and pragmatics"
4:25-4:55	Kaoru Horie & Yuko Sassa (Tohoku University)
		"From place to space to discourse: A contrastive linguistic
		analysis of Japanese tokoro and Korean tey"
4:55-5:25	Eon-suk Ko (University of Pennsylvania)
		"A discourse analysis of the realization of objects in Korean"

Sunday, August 1
9:30-10:00	Registration/Breakfast
	Historical Linguistics
10:00-10:30	Christopher Beckwith (Indiana University)
		"Toward common Japanese-Koguryoic: A reexamination of Old
		Koguryo onomastic materials"
10:30-11:00	J. Paul Warnick (Brigham Young University)
		"Forgotten voices: A linguistic analysis of early recordings
                 of the Kawakami Troupe"
11:00-11:30	Kimi Miyagi (The National Language Research Institute)
		"Ni/ni yotte variation in Japanese direct passives: A
                syntactic, pragmatic, and historical account"
11:30-1:30 	Lunch
1:30-2:00	Alice Faber and Timothy J. Vance (Haskins Laboratory &
                Connecticut College)
		"More Acoustic traces of 'deleted' vowels in Japanese"
2:00-2:30	Mariko Kondo (University of Edinburgh)
		"Syllable weight and syllable structure in Japanese"
2:30-3:00	Kazutoshi Ohno (University of Arizona)
		"The lexical nature of rendaku in Japanese"
3:00-3:15 	Break
3:15-3:45	Norvin Richards (Kanda University of International Studies)
		"A single attractor for Japanese long-distance scrambling"
3:45-4:15	Ae-ryung Kim (Indiana University)
		"Korean WH-phrases void of an operator"
4:15-4:45	Hong-keun Park & Jinhee Suh (Univ. of Southern California &
                Univ. of Illinois)
		"Interpretation of multiple WH-questions in Korean"
5:00-7:00 	Reception

Monday, August 2
9:30-10:00	Registration/Breakfast
10:00-10:30	Mi-Hui Cho & Shinsook Lee (Pukyong National University & Hoseo
		"The role of a prosodic word in the ordering paradox of Korean"
10:30-11:00	Hyunkee Ahn (University of Texas)
		"Laryngeal effects of stop consonants on neighboring vowels in
		/CV/ sequences in Korean"
	Language Acquisition
11:00-11:30	Katsura Aoyama (University of Hawaii)
		"The acquisition of Japanese prosody: Child's production and
		perception of the moraic nasal"
11:30-1:30 	Lunch
1:30-2:00	J.-R. Hayashishita (University of Southern California)
		"Two ways of deriving distributive readings"
2:00-2:30	Sang-Geun Lee (University of Wisconsin)
		"Causativity and two types of noncausative psych-verbs in
                Korean and Japanese"
2:30-3:00	Nobuko Hasegawa (Kanda University of International Studies)
		"Resultatives and language variations: result phrases and VV
3:00-3:15 	Break
3:15-3:45	Takae Tsujioka (Georgetown University)
		"Inalienable possession construction with 'do'"
	Language Acquisition
3:45-4:15	Yutaka Sato (International Christian University)
		"Some evidence for a zero light verb in Japanese"
4:15-4:45	Utako Minai (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
		"The acquisition of Japanese passives"
4:45 		Closing Remarks

For more information, please contact JJ Nakayama <nakayama.1 at osu.edu>.

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