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Date:  Thu, 2 Aug 2001 18:59:45 +0100
From:  "Eric Haeberli" <e.haeberli at reading.ac.uk>
Subject:  LAGB Autumn Meeting 2001, Reading, UK

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 2 Aug 2001 18:59:45 +0100
From:  "Eric Haeberli" <e.haeberli at reading.ac.uk>
Subject:  LAGB Autumn Meeting 2001, Reading, UK

LAGB Autumn Meeting 2001: University of Reading

The 2001 Autumn Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain will
be held at the University of Reading, from 4 to 6 September 2001. The local
organisers are Spyridoula Varlokosta (s.varlokosta at reading.ac.uk) and Eric
Haeberli (e.haeberli at reading.ac.uk)

For booking, travel and other details, please see the LAGB website at


Tuesday 4 September 2001

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00  Kleanthes Grohmann (Frankfurt/Berlin), "Anti-Locality"
2.40  Mary Fender, Heather Marsden, Lieve van Espen & Melinda Whong-Barr
(Durham), "The Alternative Realization of Agreement"
3.20  Theresa Biberauer (Cambridge), "Rethinking the EPP and Spec- TP in

Session B
2.00  Katarzyna Jaszczolt (Cambridge),"Presupposition, Anaphora, and Focus:
A Case for Semantic Defaults"
2.40  Corinne Iten (UCL),"Is the Connective but Ambiguous?"
3.20  Wilhelm Geuder & Shin-Sook Kim (Konstanz),"On the Expression of
Resultant States: The Case of Korean"

Session C
2.00  Asya Pereltsvaig (McGill), "What Does American Russian Morphology Tell
Us About Syntax?"
2.40  Daniel Harbour (MIT), "The Kiowa Case for Feature Insertion"
3.20  Diane Nelson (Leeds), "On the Status of the Implicit Argument in
Impersonal Passives"

4.00  TEA

Session A
4.30  Peter Sells (Stanford), "Expressing Negation in Swedish"
5.10  Liliane Haegeman (CNRS/Lille), "Auxiliaries, Negation and Functional
Structure in the Clause in West Flemish"
5.50  Eric Mathieu (UCL), "On the Nature of French N-Words"

Session B
4.30  Kevin Watson & Patrick Honeybone (Edge Hill), "The Phonological
Potential of Domain-final /t/ in Liverpool English"
5.10  Michael Johnstone (Cambridge), "Optimality Theory and the Illusion of
Small Re-Rankings"
5.50  April McMahon (Sheffield), "Innateness, Optimality and the Two

Session C
4.30 Chet Creider (Western Ontario) & Dick Hudson (UCL), "Case Agreement in
Ancient Greek: Implications for A Theory of Covert Elements"
5.10 George Tsoulas (York), "Choice Functions, Arbitrary Objects, Phases,
and the Interpretation of Non-Finite Tense"
5.50 Alexandra Galani (York), "The Formation of the Past Tenses in Modern

6.45  DINNER

8.00-9.00  Language Tutorial on Chamorro Thomas Klein (Manchester)

Wednesday 5 September 2001

Session A
9.00  Norio Nasu (Essex), "Subject-oriented Floating Quantifiers and
Infinitival Constructions in English"
9.40  Anna Roussou (Cyprus) & Ian Roberts (Cambridge), "The Infinitival
Marker To: A View From the Left Periphery"
10.20 Ad Neeleman & Hans van de Koot (UCL), "Bare Resultatives"

Session B
9.00  Dick Hudson (UCL), "Clitics in Word Grammar"
9.40  Ana Luis (Essex), "An Inflectional Derivation of Clitic Clusters"
10.20  Pius ten Hacken & Evanthia Petropoulou (Basel), "In Defence of
Neo-Classical Word  Formation"

Session C
9.00  Erik Jan van der Torre (Leiden), "The Phonology of the Dutch
Labio-Dental "Glide"'
9.40  Zoe Toft (SOAS), "Explaining Asymmetries in the Behaviour of Syllabic
l and n in Southern British English"
10.20 Mark Jones (Cambridge), "Auditory Influences on Sound Patterns: Post-
and Pre-Nasalisation in the Languages of the World"

11.00  COFFEE

Session A
11.30  Ann Taylor & Susan Pintzuk (York), "The Effect of Quantification on
Verb-Object Order in Old and Middle English"
12.10  Richard Ingham (Reading), "Movement to NegP in Pre-modern English"

Session B
11.30  Maria Papastathi (Thessaloniki), "The Syntax and Interpretation of
the Greek Middle"
12.10  Evi Sifaki (York), "The Syntax of "Subject" Extraposition in Modern

Session C
11.30  Yuet-Wah Lam (Durham), "Subject-Auxiliary Inversion in Early Child
Wh-Question Acquisition: What Children Do Know"
12.10  Geoffrey Sampson (Sussex), "Children's Acquisition of Adult Written

1.00  LUNCH

Session A
2.00-4.00  Language Tutorial (continued), Thomas Klein (Manchester)

Session B  Linguistics at School Session: "Why Are the British Such Poor
Language Learners?"
2.00-2.05 Introduction
2.05-2.35 Mike Reynolds (Sheffield), "Sociolinguistic Reasons"
2.35-3.05 Rosamond Mitchell (Southampton), "Pedagogical Reasons"
3.05-3.35 Peter Downes (Nuffield Languages Inquiry), "Institutional Reasons"
3.35-4.00 General discussion

4.00   TEA

Session A
4.30  William Croft, Johanna BarDdal, Willem Hollmann, Maike Nielsen,
Violeta Sotirova & Chiaki Taoka (Manchester), "Discriminating Verb Meanings:
the Case of Transfer Verbs"

Session B
4.30  Nigel Fabb (Strathclyde), "A Generative Account of the Classical
Sanskrit samacatuspadi Metres"

Session C
4.30  Seiki Ayano (Mie/Durham), "Null Applicative and Syntactic P-to-V
Incorporation in Japanese"


6.45   DINNER

8.00  Henry Sweet Lecture 2001
Professor Larry Horn (Yale)
 " Assertion versus Entailment: Scalar Particles and Assertoric Inertia"

hosted by the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Thursday 6 September 2001

9.00-12.50  Workshop on Pragmatics and Anaphora
Organised by Yan Huang (Reading)

9.00-9.05   Yan Huang (Reading), Introduction
9.05-10.00 Larry Horn (Yale), "I Just Dropped in to See What Condition Our
Conditions Are in: Direct Reference, Personhood and the Asymmetries of
10.00-10.55 Yan Huang (Reading), "Anaphora, Syntax, and Neo-Gricean
10.55-11.25 COFFEE
11.25-12.20 Anne Zribi-Hertz (Paris VIII), "Reflexivity and Disjoint
Reference: Where Does Syntax Begin?"
12.20-12.50 General discussion

1.00 LUNCH

2.00-3.30   LAGB/BAAL overlap sessions

Session A
CLIE session on the relations between linguistics and education over the
past 20 years, organised by Roz Ivanic (Lancaster), Chair of CLIE

Session B
LAGB/BAAL Forum exploring "Some Issues Linguists Can Agree On" (building on
Dick Hudson's paper with a similar title, published in the Journal of
Linguistics exactly 20 years ago); chaired by Mike Baynham (Leeds), Chair of
BAAL. There will be contributions from Mike Stubbs (Trier), Jenny Cheshire
(QMW) and April McMahon (Sheffield).


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