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Date:  Thu, 9 Aug 2001 11:44:49 +0200
From:  "Dirk NOEL" <dirk.noel at rug.ac.be>
Subject:  Contrastive Linguistics Colloquium

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Date:  Thu, 9 Aug 2001 11:44:49 +0200
From:  "Dirk NOEL" <dirk.noel at rug.ac.be>
Subject:  Contrastive Linguistics Colloquium

The 2nd International CoLLaTE Colloquium
"Contrastive Analysis and Linguistic Theory"

Het Pand, Ghent University, Belgium

21-22 September 2001

The CoLLaTE research network on contrastive linguistics is pleased to
announce the Second International CoLLaTE Colloquium, organized with the
support of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, with the aim of
providing a forum for discussion on the contribution of contrastive
linguistics to general linguistic theory.


Friday AM, 21 September 2001. Session 1: Morphology

*Theme: Deverbal nouns and the agentive dimension across languages

Petra Sleeman (Amsterdam): Deverbal processes in French and in Dutch

Katia Paykin (Lille): Xtel' & Co. : helping you cross a +/- agentive
border from the Russian side

Stella Markantonatou (Athens): Agents vs. Instruments in Modern Greek:
is there a dividing line?

Marcel Erdal (Frankfurt): Agentive and instrumental nominalisation in Turkish

Ngo Semzara Kabuta (Ghent): Deverbal nouns in Ciluba

Friday PM, 21 September 2001. Session 2: Semantics

*Theme: Semantic primitives

Cliff Goddard (UNE, Armidale): Semantic primes within and across languages

William Croft (Manchester): The nonnecessity of atomic semantic
primitives for Contrastive Analysis

Johan van der Auwera (Antwerp): A cross-linguistic semantic map for imperatives

*Theme: Meaning extensions

Bernard Victorri (Paris): A dynamical approach to the construction of
meaning of polysemic units

Saturday AM, 22 September 2001. Session 3: Syntax

*Theme: What do we compare when we compare basic word order?

Beatrice Primus (Cologne): Case, structure and semantic roles

Kees Hengeveld (Amsterdam): Word order in Functional Grammar: lexicon
and syntax

Knud Lambrecht (Austin): Canonical vs. actual constituent order: The
case of spoken French

Frederick Newmeyer (Washington): The notion of  'basic word order' in
formal linguistics and its (ir)relevance for typological questions

Saturday PM, 22 September 2001. Session 4: Discourse & beyond

*Theme: Contrastive discourse studies

Michael Clyne (Melbourne): Contrastive discourse studies

Judy Delin (Stirling): Contrasting instructions: from grammar to layout

Cornelia Ilie (Stockholm): Parliamentary parentheticals as
metadiscursive strategies in the British and Swedish question time

*Theme: From contrastive discourse studies to translation studies and
historical pragmatics

Andrew Chesterman (Helsinki): Contrastive textlinguistics and
translation universals

Andreas Jucker (Giessen): Contrastive analysis across time: issues in
historical dialogue analysis

Further information (time schedule, abstracts, registration details) is
available from:


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