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Subject: 12.2042, Calls: LSA Language Video Website

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Date:  Fri, 10 Aug 2001 15:29:50 -0400
From:  "Fodor, Janet Dean" <JFodor at gc.cuny.edu>
Subject:  LSA Language Video Website

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 10 Aug 2001 15:29:50 -0400
From:  "Fodor, Janet Dean" <JFodor at gc.cuny.edu>
Subject:  LSA Language Video Website

     LSA Language Video Website - Call for contributions

The Linguistic Society of America is planning to establish a website where
members of the public will be able to browse among a selection of short
(5-10 minute) videos about language. This is a new venture within LSA's
longterm outreach plan to make the work of linguists accessible to

A workshop to launch this new project is planned for the LSA annual meeting
in January (final approval of the workshop is pending). At the workshop,
four speakers will present clips from videos they have prepared, and will
discuss how they set about creating them. Also, there will be a continuous
show of submitted videos at display stations in the halls. Advice on
technical matters will be provided. Ideas for further extensions of the
project will be discussed.

We invite all LSA members to submit videos, to be included in the hallway
display and then situated at the website when it is opened to the public.

Any topic on language is appropriate. We suggest adapting whatever has
proven most successful in introductory class presentations, but we encourage
linguists to take advantage of the medium to prepare graphics and
illustrations that go beyond usual classroom style. To appeal to this
non-captive audience, presentations should be simple in concept and
attractive to the eye.


FORMAT: You may send in a tape (VHS, Digital 8, Hi-8, or mini-DV). Or if you
can digitize your video, you may submit it as a Quicktime movie (.mov) on a
CD-ROM or a ZIP disk. (PC or Mac are both OK.)

MAIL IT TO: Dr. Sean Hendricks, LSA Video Archive Director, Department of
Language Education, 125 Aderhold Hall, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

SEND WITH your video, a signed consent form (see form below). This is

IF YOUR VIDEO INCLUDES OTHER PEOPLE, such as students in a class, or
language informants, you are advised to create a consent form for those
people to sign, giving you their permission to distribute the video. You
should keep these forms. Please check with your university or institution to
find out whether they require any additional procedures for participant

If you have a practical problem, contact Sean Hendricks
(shendric at coe.uga.edu).

If you have questions or comments about the Website Project in
general, contact a member of the Steering Committee: Janet Fodor
( <mailto:jfodor at gc.cuny.edu> jfodor at gc.cuny.edu), Merrill Garrett
(garrett at u.arizona.edu), Sharon Klein (sharon.klein at csun.edu ), Cecile
McKee ( <mailto:mckee at u.arizona.edu> mckee at u.arizona.edu) , Rebecca
Wheeler ( <mailto:rwheeler at cnu.edu)> rwheeler at cnu.edu), or the LSA

            LSA Video Archive

Official Consent Form for Contributors

Name: _______________________________________

Title of Video: ________________________________

Affiliation: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________



To whom it may concern:

I have submitted the above-titled video for use by the Linguistic Society of
America Video Archive. The LSA Video Archive committee has my permission to
digitize and edit this video. The LSA Video Archive committee also has my
permission to publish this video on a public-domain web site. Nothing in
this letter should be construed as giving up copyright of the video to the
LSA Video Archive committee or any of its members.

Signed: _____________________________________

Date: ___________________

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