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Subject: 12.2063, Support: NEH Summer Stipends Deadline Announcement

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Date:  Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:56:10 -0400
From:  "Bramson, Leon" <LBramson at neh.gov>
Subject:  NEH Summer Stipends ($5,000) Deadline Announcement

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Date:  Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:56:10 -0400
From:  "Bramson, Leon" <LBramson at neh.gov>
Subject:  NEH Summer Stipends ($5,000) Deadline Announcement


Deadline: October 1, 2001 for awards during the summer of 2002

The National Endowment for the Humanities announces the competition for
Summer Stipends awards. These awards support two consecutive months of
full-time work on projects that will make a significant contribution to the
humanities. In most cases, faculty members of colleges and universities in
the United States must be nominated by their institutions for the Summer
Stipends competition, and each of these institutions may nominate two
applicants. Prospective applicants who will require nomination should
acquaint themselves with the nomination procedures of their home
institutions well before the October 1 application deadline.

 Individuals employed in non-teaching capacities in colleges and
universities and individuals not affiliated with colleges and universities
do not require nomination and may apply directly to the program. Adjunct
faculty and academic applicants with appointments terminating by the summer
of 2002 also may apply without nomination.

TENURE: Tenure must cover two full and uninterrupted months and will
normally be held between May 1, 2002, and September 30, 2002.  STIPEND:

PURPOSE AND SCOPE: The Summer Stipends program provides opportunities for
individuals to pursue advanced work in disciplines of the humanities during
the summer. Projects proposed for support may contribute to scholarly
knowledge or to the general public's understanding of the humanities, and
they may address broad topics or consist of research and study in a single

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants need not have advanced degrees, but neither
candidates for degrees nor persons seeking support for work toward a degree
are eligible to apply for NEH Summer Stipends.
Applicants should be U.S. citizens, native residents of U.S. jurisdictions,
or foreign nationals who have been legal residents in the U.S. or its
jurisdictions for at least the three years immediately preceding the
application deadline.

SELECTION PROCEDURES: Reviewers consider the significance of the proposed
project to the humanities, the quality of the applicant's work, the
conception and description of the project, and the likelihood that the
proposed work will be accomplished.

For further information and application materials, persons -can link to
http://www.neh.gov/grants/onebook/fellowships.html or they can write to:
NEH Summer Stipends, Room 318, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1100
Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20506. (Telephone: 202-606-8200) All
applications must be postmarked on or before October 1, 2001. Please note
that the Endowment does not accept applications submitted by FAX or e-mail.

Information on NEH programs is also available at http://www.neh.gov

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