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Subject: 12.2117, Confs: Syntax of Auxiliaries, SLE, Belgium

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Date:  Mon, 27 Aug 2001 17:33:32 +0200
From:  Sjef Barbiers <Sjef.Barbiers at meertens.knaw.nl>
Subject:  Syntax of Auxiliaries, Societas Linguistica Europaea

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 27 Aug 2001 17:33:32 +0200
From:  Sjef Barbiers <Sjef.Barbiers at meertens.knaw.nl>
Subject:  Syntax of Auxiliaries, Societas Linguistica Europaea

Workshop Microvariation in the Syntax of Auxiliaries
Date:  August 30, 2001
Place: Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, Belgium

Societas Linguistica Europaea
The workshop is part of the 34th SLE-conference. For further
information and abstracts:

Programme of the workshop
09:00-09:30:	Welcome
09:30-10:10:	Henk van Riemsdijk (KUB Tilburg): The unbearable lightness of
10:10-10:50:	Marie Christine Erb (Universitat Potsdam): Functional
		auxiliaries in German.

10:50 - 11:10	Coffee & tea break

11:10-11:50:	Misha Becker (University of Pennsylvania/IRCS): Is isn't Be.
11:50-12:30:	Thorhallur Eythorsson (University of Manchester): Why have and

12:30-14:00:	Lunch

14:00-14:40:	Olga Tomic (Universiteit Leiden): The syntax of the Balkan
  		Slavic modal auxiliaries.
14:40-15:20:	Carson Schutze (UCLA): Think different: A principled,
  		predictive theory of auxiliaries.

15:20 - 15:40	Coffee & tea break

15:40-16:20:	Lisa Cheng and Rint Sybesma (Universiteit Leiden): A
  		permissive potential modal in postverbal position.

16:20-17:00:	Liliane Haegeman (Universite Charles de Gaulle Lille III):
  		Auxiliary syntax and functional structure in the clause in
  		West Flemish.

Sjef Barbiers (Meertens Instituut, KNAW), sjef.barbiers at meertens.knaw.nl
Frits Beukema (Engels, Universiteit Leiden), f.h.beukema at let.leidenuniv.nl
Leonie Cornips (Meertens Instituut, KNAW), leonie.cornips at meertens.knaw.nl
Rint Sybesma (ATW, Universiteit Leiden), r.p.e.sybesma at let.leidenuniv.nl

Dr. Sjef Barbiers
Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam

E-mail:	sjef.barbiers at meertens.knaw.nl
	sjef.barbiers at hetnet.nl
Web site: http://www.meertens.nl/medewerkers/sjef.barbiers
Tel: 	020-4628530 (work)
	0172-476873 (home)
	06-51192585 (mobile)
Fax:	020-4628555
Address:	Meertens Instituut
	Postbus 94264
	1090 GG Amsterdam

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