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Subject: 13.903, Confs: Lang Resources/Translation Work & Research

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Date:  1 Apr 2002 22:49:04 +0100
From:  "Elia Yuste" <yuste at ifi.unizh.ch>
Subject:  LR for Translation Work & Research -   LREC'02, Las Palmas, 28 May 02

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  1 Apr 2002 22:49:04 +0100
From:  "Elia Yuste" <yuste at ifi.unizh.ch>
Subject:  LR for Translation Work & Research -   LREC'02, Las Palmas, 28 May 02


Auditorio "Alfredo Kraus", Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,
Spain - 28th May 2002

An International Workshop preceding LREC 2002, 3rd International
Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation


<<< Workshop Chair >>>
- Elia YUSTE, Computational Linguistics Group (CL), Institute of
Information Technology (IFI), University of Zurich, Switzerland.

<<< Workshop Scientific Committee >>>
- Frank AUSTERMUEHL, University of Gemersheim, Germany.
- Gerhard BUDIN, Department of Translation and Interpreting
Studies, University of Vienna, Austria.
- Maeve OLOHAN, Centre for Translation and Intercultural
Studies (CTIS), UMIST, UK
- Federico ZANETTIN, Universiti per Stranieri di Perugia, Italy.
- Elia YUSTE, Computational Linguistics Group (CL), Institute of
Information Technology (IFI), University of Zurich, Switzerland.

<<< Keynote Speakers >>>
Gerhard BUDIN, Maeve OLOHAN, Federico ZANETTIN, and Elia YUSTE.

<<< Workshop rationale >>>
In recent years, the translation profession has not only experienced
considerable growth and global expansion but also been revolutionized
by the ever-changing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Almost every commercial or technical translation process today is
optimized by computer-assisted translation (CAT) and/or terminology
management programs. Consequently, professional translators feel
compelled to buy and master a particular CAT package, which may
have gained reputation as the one and only state-of-the-art translator's
But is this the only thing translators and language professionals need
to know about? Of course, not. Their acquaintance with translation
technology and electronic resources ought not to be limited to buying
the latest version of a well-known CAT tool. Most importantly, their
performance and productivity would change for the better if they knew
how to adapt, create, exploit, evaluate and reuse language resources
This workshop aims precisely at shedding light on the design/creation,
processing/exploitation, use and leverage of various forms of language
resources in translation work and research. 'Research' that should not
only be carried out by academics, but also by freelance translators and
translation departments in the corporate and government sectors alike.
Ideally, electronic language resources should be updated, when necessary,
and more interestingly, shared by interested parties.

<<< Preliminary List of Authors/Selected Papers >>>
We are pleased to announce that these papers have been selected for
inclusion on the Workshop Proceedings. The following authors will be
presenting these papers on the day!
- Toni BADIA, Gemma BOLEDA, Carme COLOMINAS, Agnes
GONZALEZ, Mireia GARMENDIA, & Marti QUIXAL (Pompeu Fabra
University, Barcelona, Spain): BancTrad: a web interface for integrated
access to parallel annotated corpora.
- Michael BARLOW (Department of Linguistics, Rice University):
ParaConc: Concordance software for multilingual parallel corpora.
- Lynne BOWKER (School of Translation and Interpretation, University
of Ottawa, Canada): Working Together: A Collaborative Approach to
DIY Corpora.
- Magnar BREKKE & Marita KRISTIANSEN (Norwegian School of
Economics and Business Administration, Department of Languages,
Bergen, Norway): Textual and terminological bridgeheads for traversing
the language gap.
- Marie-Josee DE SAINT ROBERT (Chief, Terminology and Technical
Documentation Section, Languages Service, United Nations Office
at Geneva,Switzerland): Language resources at the Language Service
of the United Nations Office at Geneva.
de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos & Dpto. de Linguistica General
(respectively), Universidad de Granada, Spain): TRANSFRAGS, an
automatic extraction tool of Translation Equivalent Fragments.
- Silvia HANSEN & Elke TEICH (Computational Linguistics and
Applied Linguistics,Translation and Interpreting (respectively), Saarland
University, Saarbrucken, Germany): The creation and exploitation of a
translation reference corpus.
- Natalie KUBLER (University Paris 7, UFR EILA, Paris, France):
Creating a Term Base to Customize an MT System: Reusability of
Resources and Tools from the Translator's Point of View.
- Belinda MAIA (Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto,
Portugal): Corpora for terminology extraction - the differing perspectives
and objectives of researchers, teachers and language service providers.
- Angelika ZERFASS (Translation Tools Consultant, Germany): Evaluating
Translation Memory Systems.

More information about exact allotted time for each communication (some
of them consisting of or including a system demo) will be available in due
course. Do check out our web-site regularly, especially the Programme
section: <http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/cl/yuste/LREC/programme.htm>.

<<< Workshop registration >>>
The registration fee for the Workshop is:
- If you are not attending the LREC 2002 Main Conference: 140 EURO
- If you are attending the LREC Main Conference: 90 EURO
These fees cover the following: a copy of the proceedings of the attended
workshop, coffee-breaks and refreshments.
Participation in workshops is limited by the venue, so we recommend that
you register (for this and any other workshop you may be interested in)
as soon as possible. Please note that requests for participation (i.e.
registrations) will *only* be processed by the LREC Secretariat (neither by
the Workshop Chair nor by any other member of the Workshop Organising
Committee) on first come first served basis. More information available at:

<<< Further details >>>
For up-to-date information on LREC 2002, see the Conference site at
For any further questions relating the Workshop itself, visit the workshop
site at <http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/cl/yuste/LREC/LR4Trans.html> or e-mail Ms
Elia Yuste, Workshop Chair: yuste at ifi.unizh.ch.

We thank you in advance for your interest and participation, and look=
to welcoming you in Las Palmas on 28th May, 2002.

Computerlinguistik (CL)
Institut fuer Informatik (IFI)
Universitaet Zuerich
Wintherthurerstr. 190
CH - 8057 Z=DCRICH
  Suiza - Suissa - Switzerland
       Schweiz - Svizzera
T:      +41-(0)1-635-6724
F:      +41-(0)1-635-6809
M:      +41-(0)76-3731629
E:      yuste at ifi.unizh.ch
W:      http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/cl/yuste

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