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Subject: 13.965, Diss: Socioling: Pasquale "Quechua and Spanish..."

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Date:  Fri, 05 Apr 2002 14:38:00 +0000
From:  michael_pasquale at cornerstone.edu
Subject:  Socioling: Pasquale "Quechua and Spanish Language Contact"

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Date:  Fri, 05 Apr 2002 14:38:00 +0000
From:  michael_pasquale at cornerstone.edu
Subject:  Socioling: Pasquale "Quechua and Spanish Language Contact"

New Dissertation Abstract

Institution: Michigan State University
Program: Department of Linguistics
Dissertation Status: Completed
Degree Date: 2001

Author: Michael David Pasquale

Dissertation Title:
Quechua and Spanish Language Contact: Influence on the Quechua
Phonological System

Linguistic Field: Sociolinguistics
Subject Language: Quechua

Dissertation Director 1: Dennis Preston

Dissertation Abstract:

This dissertation investigates the extent to which there is
cross-linguistic influence (CLI) at the phonetic and phonological
levels on a first language from a second language.  Specifically, this
dissertation looks at variation in Quechua (L1) as a result of contact
with Spanish (L2).  It was hypothesized that bilingual speakers with
different degrees of proficiency would correspond to differences in
what is transferred from the L2 to the L1.

The four following areas were measured in Quechua-Spanish bilingual
speakers of Urubamba, Peru: the position of vowels [I] and [U], the
application of the allophonic rule that backs [I] and [U] when in the
vicinity of /q/, the voice onset time of plain and aspirated voiceless
stops, and whether bilingual speakers still have a phonemic uvular
stop and glottalize voiceless stops /p, t, k, q/.

My results show that at each potential area of influence, there is a
difference between the Quechua of bilingual speakers and the Quechua
of monolingual speakers.  There are also differences between those
bilingual speakers who are Quechua-dominant and those who are

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