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Subject: 13.999, TOC: Cognitive Systems Research, Vol.3 No.1

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Date:  Mon, 8 Apr 2002 16:12:33 -0500
From:  rsun at cecs.missouri.edu
Subject:  Cognitive Systems Research, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Date:  Mon, 8 Apr 2002 16:12:33 -0500
From:  rsun at cecs.missouri.edu
Subject:  Cognitive Systems Research, Volume 3, Issue 1

A new issue is now available for

* Cognitive Systems Research,  Volume 3, Issue 1,
  Pages 1-119 (March 2002)

Cognitive Systems Research,   Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 1-119 (March 2002)


Introduction to the special issue on computational cognitive modeling,
Pages 1-3
Christian D. Schunn and Wayne D. Gray

A modular neural-network model of the basal ganglia's role in learning and
selecting motor behaviours, Pages 5-13
Gianluca Baldassarre

Bootstrapping in miniature language acquisition, Pages 15-23
Rutvik Desai

Modeling icon search in ACT-R/PM, Pages 25-33
Michael D. Fleetwood and Michael D. Byrne

In search of templates, Pages 35-44
Fernand Gobet and Samuel Jackson

An attractor network model of serial recall, Pages 45-55
Matt Jones and Thad A. Polk

Intention superiority effect: A context-switching account, Pages 57-65
Christian Lebiere and Frank J. Lee

Modeling selective attention: Not just another model of Stroop (NJAMOS),
Pages 67-76
Marsha C. Lovett

Extending task analytic models of graph-based reasoning: A cognitive model of
problem solving with Cartesian graphs in ACT-R/PM, Pages 77-86
David Peebles and Peter C. -H. Cheng

The role of computational modeling in understanding hemispheric interactions
and specialization, Pages 87-94
James A. Reggia and Reiner Schulz

Predicting the effects of cellular-phone dialing on driver performance,
Pages 95-102
Dario D. Salvucci and Kristen L. Macuga

A model of individual differences in skill acquisition in the Kanfer-Ackerman
air traffic control task, Pages 103-112
Niels A. Taatgen

An explanation of the length effect for rotated words, Pages 113-119
Carol Whitney

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