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Subject: 13.1022, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

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Date:  14 Apr 2002 02:59:23 -0000
From:  Linguist Notice Board <linguist at linguistlist.org>
Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  14 Apr 2002 02:59:23 -0000
From:  Linguist Notice Board <linguist at linguistlist.org>
Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

The following messages are currently posted on the LINGUIST
NoticeBoard, our web page for personal announcements.   Use
the URL below each message topic to take a look at any that
interest you.

Notices remain on the NoticeBoard for 60 days.  You may post
a notice by filling in the form at http://linguistlist.org/~notice/

From: Cory R C Sheedy <sheedy at telus.net>
Subject: Digital Audio Recorders
- --------
From: "Koizumi, Yukiko" <YKoizumi at gc.cuny.edu>
Subject: Seeking a room/apartment in NYC
- --------
From: "Natalie Schembri" <natalie at cct.um.edu.mt>
Subject: Book on Research Methods in Linguistics
- --------
From: habibeh samadi <hsamadi2001 at yahoo.com>
Subject: renting a house in Sheffield
- --------
From: Karl Erland Gadelii <gadelii at ling.gu.se>
Subject: Housing available in Paris
- --------
From: "joebeck1" <joebeck1 at msn.com>
Subject: Translation Help
- --------
From: Mikel Lersundi Ayestaran <jialeaym at si.ehu.es>
Subject: looking for a room/apartment at College Park (Maryland)
- --------
From: "Loraine K. Obler, Ph.D." <lkobler at bu.edu>
Subject: Materials for studying Kannada
- --------
From: vanja kljajevic <vkljajev at chat.carleton.ca>
Subject: aparmtent for sublet
- --------
From: Do Dang Khoi <khoi1a at yahoo.com>
Subject: Dissertations needed
- --------
From: Ellen DeSoto <esdesoto at yahoo.com>
Subject: Seeking house/apt. to rent in Boston
- --------
From: "NASSER BERJAOUI" <nberjaoui at hotmail.com>
Subject: Sponsors?
- --------
From: Susan Burt <smburt at ilstu.edu>
Subject: looking for Durk Gorter and/or Reitze Jonkman
- --------
From: VZalami at aol.com
Subject: accomodation needed in Boston or DC area
- --------
From: Poccocouk at aol.com
Subject: UIA Universal Interlaan Association
- --------
From: Klaus Panther <panther at uni-hamburg.de>
Subject: Hamburg townhouse for sublet
- --------
From: "Alexandra Bagasheva" <alba at mail.bol.bg>
Subject: Financial help
- --------
From: ALHARBI <lalharbi at kuc01.kuniv.edu.kw>
Subject: Linguistics journals
- --------
From: Jmdewaele at aol.com
Subject: Bilingualism and emotional intelligence
- --------
From: Quidnunc at aol.com
Subject: Looking for an apartment/home in Philadelphia area
- --------
From: "NASSER BERJAOUI" <nberjaoui at hotmail.com>
Subject: Searching for Dr. Susana Soto
- --------
From: "Helen Varola" <helen.varola at artassets.com>
Subject: Old English Translation
- --------
From: "J/S van Voorst" <voorst at cam.org>
Subject: Linguistic Books For Sale
- --------

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