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Date:  Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:52:49 +0200
From:  Cornelia Müller <cmuell at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Subject:  New journal GESTURE

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Date:  Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:52:49 +0200
From:  Cornelia Müller <cmuell at mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Subject:  New journal GESTURE

New journal GESTURE

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first issue of the new
journal GESTURE. GESTURE is edited by Adam Kendon
(Philadelphia/Naples) and Cornelia Mueller (Berlin). The publisher is
John Benjamins (Amsterdam/Philadelphia).

The journal GESTURE is being launched to facilitate the integration of
the emerging field of 'gesture' studies. GESTURE publishes
reports of original empirical research, historical investigations and
theoretical reviews on any aspect of gesture and from any
perspective. GESTURE also publishes reviews and news of recent
books, conference reports, and information about forthcoming events.
All papers are peer reviewed.

GESTURE also appears in an electronic version, available from
the World Wide Web. This makes it possible to access supplementary
visual material, such as movie files and colour fotographs or

GESTURE 1.1. 2001 contains:

Introducing GESTURE

David McNeill, Francis Quek, Karl-Erik McCullough, Susan Duncan,
Nobuhiro Furuyama, Robert Bryll, Xin-Feng Ma, and Rashid Ansari

Catchments, prosody, and discourse
Karen Emmorey and Shannon Casey

Gesture, thought, and spatial language
Evelyn McClave

The relationship between spontaneous gestures of the hearing and
American Sign Language
Sotaro Kita and James Essegbey

Pointing left in Ghana: How a taboo on the use of the left hand
influences gestural practice

Book reviews

Andrea de Jorio: Gesture in Naples and Gesture in Classical
Antiquity: A translation of 'La mimica degli antichi investigata nel
gestire napoletano' and with an introduction and notes by Adam
Kendon - Reviewed by Herman Roodenburg

Lynn S. Messing and Ruth Campbell (eds.):Gesture, speech and
sign - Reviewed by Sarah Taub

Jana Iverson and Susan Goldin-Meadow (eds.):The nature and
function of gesture in children's communication - Reviewed by Martha W. Alibali

The forthcoming vol 1.2. will contain:

Children's Gestures are meant to be seen
Martha W. Alibali and Lisa S. Don

An experimental investigation of the role of different types of
iconic gesture in communication: A semantic feature approach
Geoffrey Beattie and Heather Shovelton

Gesture during speech in first and second language: Implications
for lexical retrieval
Uri Hadar, Rivka Dar and Amit Teitelman

O clever 'He's streetwise'.
When gestures become quotable: The case of the 'clever'gesture
Heather J. Brookes

'Lip-pointing' - A discussion of form and function with
reference to data from Laos
Nick J. Enfield

Gesture and speech rephrasings in conversation
Alexis Tabensky

Book reviews

David McNeill (Ed.):Language and Gesture - Reviewed by Eve

Petra Lott:Gesture and Aphasia - Reviewed by Hedda Lausberg

For subscriptions turn to:
Subscription at benjamins.nl

Sample copies or review copies are available from the publisher upon

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