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Subject: 13.1089, Confs: Austronesian Ling, Cornell University

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Date:  Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:08:34 -0400
From:  Edith Aldridge <eca3 at cornell.edu>
Subject:  AFLA 9 Program

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:08:34 -0400
From:  Edith Aldridge <eca3 at cornell.edu>
Subject:  AFLA 9 Program

The Department of Linguistics at Cornell University will host the 9th
annual meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Asscociation, April
26 - 28.  Information about the conference can be found at our web site.


The conference schedule is as follows:
Friday, April 26

8:30    Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00    Welcome

Session 1 (Chair:  Abby Cohn)
9:15    Invited Speaker:  Tien-Hsin Hsin, Academia Sinica
Rhythmic Vowel Deletion, Stress and Syllabicity of Maga Rukai

10:15   Coffee

Session 2  (Chair:  Frantisek Lichtenberk)
10:45   David Gil, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Intonation Does not Differentiate Thematic Roles in Riau Indonesian
11:15   Daniel Kaufman, Cornell University
         Prosody and Pragmatics in Tagalog
11:45   Whitney Postman, Cornell University
         What the Indonesian Morphological Causative Can Tell us about
Aphasic Comprehension

12:15   Lunch

Session 3  (Chair:  William Davies)
1:45    Loren Billings, Providence University
Abigail Wildman Konopasky, Duke University
Reassessing the Role of Syntax inside the Morphological
Word:  Verb-Adjacent Clitics in Tagalog and Bulgarian

2:15    Diane Massam, University of Toronto
Troublesome Questions in Niuean
2:45    Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario
Multiple Topics:  Evidence from Malagasy

3:15    Coffee

Session 4  (Chair:  Andrew Pawley)
3:45    Edward Gustin, National Tsing Hua University
         Grammaticalization of "Go" in Rukai
4:15    John Wolff, Cornell University
         The Role of Canonical Shapes in the Reconstruction of
Proto-Austronesian Phonology

4:45    Break

Session 5  (Chair:  Satoshi Tomioka)
5:00    Invited Student Speaker:  Andrea Rackowski, MIT
         Configurational Voice in Tagalog

6:00    Wine & Cheese Reception
Saturday, April 27

8:30    Continental Breakfast

Session 6  (Chair:  John Wolff)
9:00    Invited Speaker: Andrew Pawley, Australian National University
On Grammatical Categories and Grammaticisation in Oceanic
Languages:  Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives

10:00   Coffee

Session 7  (Chair:  David Gil)
10:30   Yury Lander, Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow
Possessive Constructions in Languages of West Indonesia:  NP Incorporation
vs. DP Separation

11:00   Louise Vigeant, Carleton University
         Existential Closure in Maori
11:30   Eric Potsdam, University of Florida
         Maria Polinsky, University of California, San Diego
         Obligatory Control in Malagasy

12:00   Lunch

Session 8  (Chair:  Kunio Nishiyama)
1:30    Frantisek Lichtenberk, University of Auckland
         Direct Object - Oblique Object Inversion in Toqabaqita
2:00    Peter Cole, University of Delaware
         Yurie Hara, University of Delaware
         Ngee-Thai Yap, University of Delaware
         Fronting and the Distribution of Auxiliaries in Javanese
2:30    Joachim Sabel, Universitat Frankfurt/Main
         Tense-Agreement Effects in Malagasy

3:00    Coffee

Session 9  (Chair:  Tien-Hsin Hsin)
3:30    Invited Student Speaker:  Niken Adisasmito-Smith, Cornell University
         Medial Nasal+Stop Clusters in Indonesian and
Javanese:  Preliminary Acoustic Account
4:00    Victoria Anderson, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
         Yuko Otsuka, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
         Phonetic Correlates of Length, Stress, and Definite Accent in Tongan
4:30    Chuian-Fang Huang, National Taiwan University
         An Acoustic Study of the Intonation of Tsou - an Austronesian
Language of Taiwan

5:00    Break
5:15    Business Meeting
7:00    Dinner
Sunday, April 28

8:30    Continental Breakfast

Session 10  (Chair:  Ileana Paul)
9:00    Invited Speaker: Norvin Richards, MIT
Tagalog Ellipsis

10:00   Break

Session 11  (Chair:  Diane Massam)
10:15   Yuko Otsuka, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
         VOS in Tongan:  Passive or Scrambling?
10:45   Kunio Nishiyama, Ibaraki University
         Post-Syntactic Passivization and the Abstract Clitic Position in

11:15   Coffee

Session 12  (Chair:  Norvin Richards)
11:45   William Davies, University of Iowa
         When Raising in Austronesian Isn't (or at least may not be)
12:15   Chonghyuck Kim, University of Delaware
         Chang-Yong Sim, University of Delaware
         Yassir Tjung, University of Delaware
         Raising to Object in Indonesian
12:45   Jill Heather Flegg, McGill University
         Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario
         On the Difference between Raising and Control

1:15    Closing Remarks

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