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Subject: 13.1127, Support: Syntax: PhD at Utrecht Institute, Netherlands

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Date:  Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:26:01 +0200
From:  UiL-OTS <UiL-OTS at let.uu.nl>
Subject:  Syntax: Doctoral position Utrecht Institute of Ling OTS, Netherlands

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Date:  Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:26:01 +0200
From:  UiL-OTS <UiL-OTS at let.uu.nl>
Subject:  Syntax: Doctoral position Utrecht Institute of Ling OTS, Netherlands

The Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (http://www-uilots.let.uu.nl)
is a research institute of the Faculty of Arts of Utrecht
University. About a hundred researchers are involved of which 14 full
professors, about ten postdoctoral researchers and about 40 graduate
students. The goal of UiL OTS is to develop scientific expertise in
the area of language, speech and their use. The institute has
intensive relations with other scientific institutions in the
field. It is penholder of the National Graduate School in Linguistics
(LOT) and participates in the National research school of Logic
(OzsL). Within the research programme of UiL OTS we strive for
cooperation between the different main disciplines of linguistics and
related disciplines outside of linguistics proper. Specific domains of
interdisciplinary cooperation involve a wide range of topics, varying
from research into the structure of the grammatical system (where
generative and logico-semantic approaches join forces) to text
evaluation and text design; from the set-up of a systematic data-base
concerning the variation between languages, to the division of labor
between components that are involved in language and speech; from
language acquisition to language pathology.

UiL OTS is looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic candidate for a

              Graduate Position (AiO)
                 vacancy no. 68222

who will contribute to the NWO-funded Programme:

 Conflicts in Interpretation

The successful candidate will carry out the PhD project entitled "A
cross-linguistic study of bare nominal."(see abstract) This position
is open per September 1, 2003.

The graduate position offers a Ph.D. training programme that leads to
a PhD thesis within a period of four years. As part of their PhD
training sudents follow PhD Courses organized by the National Graduate
School of Linguistics (Landelijke Onderzoeksschool Taalwetenschap
(LOT) and/or the research school in Logic (OzsL).

We are looking for ambitious candidates who show an enthusiasm for
scientific research. Eligible candidates must be in possession of a
pre-doctoral academic degree (MA), in linguistics, or some other
language study with sufficient background in theoretical
linguistics. Those who will graduate shortly (but before September
2002) can also apply.

We offer an appointment as research assistent (AiO)(under the
provision of a positive evaluation after 1 year within a stimulating
and innovative research environment with many international contacts
(guest researchers, international co-operation programmes) with a
Ph.D. programme which offers possibilities for advanced education in a
broad area of linguistics, good experimental and informational
facilities, and excellent possibilities for conferences. The salary
will be in the range of Euro 1445 (before taxes) (first year) growing
to maximally Euro 2063 (before taxes) for a full-time employment, in
conformity with the Dutch legal conditions (CAO Dutch
Universities). Other employment conditions are also conform these CAO

Are you interested? For further information, please contact professor
Henriette de Swart (project leader), tel. +31-30-2536204, or Dr. Jan
Don (programme coordinator), tel.+31-30-2536065, email:
Jan.Don at let.uu.nl

Application letters are to be addressed to:
University of Utrecht / Utrecht University
Faculteit der Letteren / Faculty of Arts
Afdeling P& O / Personnel Division
t.a.v. / attention of Mrs. A. Huizenga
Kromme Nieuwegracht 46
3512 HJ Utrecht

These letters should mention the vacancy number and contain the
following materials: an extensive curriculum vitae, a list of relevant
courses that you followed including the grades that you obtained, two
referents, an MA-thesis (or something with a similar status) .

The deadline for receipt of your application letters is: 21 May 2002.


Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS

Voice: #31 (0)30 - 253 6006
Fax  : #31 (0)30 - 253 6000

Postal address:
Trans 10
3512 JK  Utrecht


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