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Subject: 13.1823, Qs: Phonetic Transcription Practice/Materials

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Date:  Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:09:19 +0800
From:  "Karen S. Chung" <karchung at ccms.ntu.edu.tw>
Subject:  transcription practice

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Date:  Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:09:19 +0800
From:  "Karen S. Chung" <karchung at ccms.ntu.edu.tw>
Subject:  transcription practice

     I would like to add more opportunities for IPA transcription
practice to next semester's phonetics class, but can't seem to find
suitable materials. William A. Smalley's _Manual of Articulatory
Phonetics_ (with accompanying tapes) is out of print, and I haven't
found anything to replace it. I'm interested in using many different
languages, and not just English.  I would like something with tapes or
CDs. Any suggestions? What do you use in your classes? Thanks!

    Karen Steffen Chung
    National Taiwan University
    karchung at ccms.ntu.edu.tw

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