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Subject: 13.1887, Support: Computational Ling: PhD funding, Ireland

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Date:  Fri, 05 Jul 2002 16:30:05 +0100
From:  Carl Vogel <vogel at cs.tcd.ie>
Subject:  Computational Ling: PhD funding, Trinity College, University of Dublin

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Date:  Fri, 05 Jul 2002 16:30:05 +0100
From:  Carl Vogel <vogel at cs.tcd.ie>
Subject:  Computational Ling: PhD funding, Trinity College, University of Dublin

Ph.D. Research Funding (2 Positions)

(Possible Part-Time Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship)

The Department of Computer Science at Trinity College, University of
Dublin is pleased to announce the availability of two Broad Curriculum
Teaching Fellowships to support high quality research at the
postgraduate level and high quality teaching at the undergraduate


    The successful Teaching Fellows will be expected to apply for
    admission as a Ph.D. student with the Department of Computer
    Science.  Computational linguists are encouraged to apply;
    however, the area of research is not restricted.  The research
    area is open subject to the availability of suitable research
    supervision in the candidate's intended research area.  The
    successful candidates will be expected to integrate fully into the
    local research community.

    The Teaching Fellows will each provide up to six hours of teaching
    each week of the academic year in Broad Curriculum modules for
    computer science students on a range of four year honors degrees
    offered by the department:

	    BA (Mod) in Computer Science, Linguistics and a Language
	    BA (Mod) in Computer Science
	    BA (Mod) in Information and Communication Technology
	    BAI (Degree in Engineering)

    Teaching will be targeted for second year students intending to
    spend the third year of study in a partner university abroad, and
    courses will be conducted through French or German.  The teaching
    will be arranged into small groups, with each students receiving
    three contact hours each week -- two hours per week on data
    structures and algorithms, and one hour per week on cultural
    issues (including comparative academic systems).



    "Those eligible to receive Postgraduate Teaching Studentships will
    be senior postgraduate research students registered in Trinity
    College with some prior experience in teaching undergraduates"

    The positions are open to those who have not yet taken up postgraduate
    positions in Trinity College; see below.

    Necessary qualifications include:

    - a strong undergraduate degree result in an appropriate area from
    a recognized third level institution;

    - capacity to complete a Ph.D. by research (through English);

    - qualification to teach the intended content;

    - high proficiency (oral and written) in French or German (native
    speakers are strongly encouraged to apply).

Tenure and Remuneration:

    The award period is for a maximum of three years.

    The value of the Postgraduate Teaching Studentship will be a
    stipend of 19,000 euro per annum, rising by 1,000 euro per annum
    in each subsequent year, plus fee remission at the level of EU
    postgraduate student rate.

    The value of (part-time) Post-doctoral Teaching Fellowships (if
    applicable) will be remuneration at the rate of 16,967 euro per
    annum, rising by 894 euro per annum, and will be subject to income
    tax and PRSI.

    Candidates for postgraduate study will be preferred over
    post-doctoral candidates.  Postgraduate teaching fellowships are
    not subject to tax in Ireland.

    The successful candidates must be able to take up the position on
    October 1, 2002.

Application Process:

    Candidates who are not already registered as postgraduate students
    at Trinity College should submit an application for admission as a
    Ph.D. student by research (see

    To apply for the Teaching Fellowships, candidates should submit
    the following:

    1) A letter of introduction and application inclusive of a
    personal  statement demonstrating qualification for the position;

    2) A research proposal;

    3) A CV;

    4) Three letters of recommendation composed with reference to the
    terms and qualifications associated with the positions, along with
    contact details for the three referees;

    5) Transcripts of past academic experience;

    6) Evidence of proficiency in English and in French or German;

    7) Copies of any other supporting materials the candidate wishes
    to be considered.

    Materials should be posted to:

    Carl Vogel
    Computational Linguistics Lab
    Trinity College
    University of Dublin
    Dublin 2

    facsimile: 353 1 677 2204

    Informal inquiries can be made by email to Carl Vogel at
    vogel at tcd.ie; please send only plain text messages without

Relevant Timeline Details:

    Deadline for receipt of applications*:	Monday, July 22, 2002
    Shortlisting:				Monday, July 28, 2002
    Interviews**:				Friday, August 2, 2002
    Offers made:				Friday, August 9, 2002
    Positions begin:				Tuesday, October 1, 2002

    *Application in advance of the deadline is warmly welcomed.

    **Interviews may be conducted by telephone, email or in person, as
    practicality permits with respect to individual shortlisted

Additional Information on the Web:

    Trinity College's Web Pages:
    Postgraduate Studies:
    Department of Computer Science:
    Computational Linguistics Group:
    All Departmental Research Groups:

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