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Subject: 14.952, Calls: Ling & Lang Teaching/Syntax & Semantics

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Date:  Mon, 31 Mar 2003 05:32:43 +0000
From:  deniztat at fedu.metu.edu.tr
Subject:  The First Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching

Date:  Tue, 01 Apr 2003 03:44:45 +0000
From:  Louis.deSaussure at lettres.unige.ch
Subject:  Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Tense, Mood and Aspect

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 31 Mar 2003 05:32:43 +0000
From:  deniztat at fedu.metu.edu.tr
Subject:  The First Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching

The First Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching

Date: 12-Sep-2003 - 13-Sep-2003
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Contact: Deniz Tat
Contact Email: deniztat at fedu.metu.edu.tr
Meeting URL: http://www.fedu.metu.edu.tr/pstgrd

Linguistic Sub-field: Applied Linguistics
Call Deadline: 31-May-2003

Meeting Description:

The 1st Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching
at Middle East Technical University will be held on 12 & 13 September
2003. The conference is organized by postgraduates for postgraduates,
and aims at providing a friendly platform for the presentation of
postgraduate research. We welcome submissions from all postgraduates
(students currently enrolled in an MA or PhD programme) in any field
of linguistics and language teaching, including all 47 areas
determined by the International Association of Applied Linguistics
(but not excluding others):

1. Adolescent Language Learning
2. Adult Language Learning
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Bilingualism and Multilingualism
5. Child Language and Early Childhood Education
6. Communication in the Professions
7. Computational Linguistics
8. Contrastive Linguistics and Error Analysis
9. Corpus Linguistics
10. Critical Discourse Analysis
11. Discourse Analysis
12. English as a Global Language
13. Ethics, Rights and Values in Applied Linguistics
14. Forensic Linguistics
15. Gerontolinguistics
16. Immersion Education
17. Intercultural Communication
18. Interdisciplinarity in Applied Linguistics
19. Interface between Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
20. Interpreting and Translating
21. IT, Internet, and Language Learning
22. Language and Ecology
23. Language and Education in Multilingual Settings
24. Language and Entertainment
25. Language and Mind
26. Language and Subcultures
27. Language and the Media
28. Language Disorders
29. Language for Special Purposes
30. Language in Contact
31. Language Loss, Attrition and Re-learning
32. Language Planning and Language policy
33. Language Teaching Methodology and Teacher Education
34. Language, Gender and Power
35. Learner Autonomy in Language Learning
36. Lexicography and Lexicology
37. Mother Tongue Education
38. Multimodality
39. Multiple Literacies
40. Pragmatics
41. Psycholinguistics: Processing
42. Rhetoric and Stylistics
43. Second Language Acquisition
44. Semiotics
45. Sign Language
46. Sociolinguistics
47. Writing of Grammars (reference and pedagogical)

Please submit 1 electronic copy of your proposed abstract (attached as
word document) via e-mail to Deniz Tat (deniztat at fedu.metu.edu.tr).
Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words, and in Times New Roman
font (size 12pt). Your page should have 3cm margins on each side.

Please also attach a cover page on which you indicate the title, the
author's name and affiliation, and biographical information about the

Accepted papers will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation and 10
minutes for discussion.

Details for foreign applicants will be announced soon at our website

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 01 Apr 2003 03:44:45 +0000
From:  Louis.deSaussure at lettres.unige.ch
Subject:  Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Tense, Mood and Aspect

6th Chronos Conference on Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Tense,
Mood and Aspect
Short Title: CHRONOS 6

Date: 22-Sep-2004 - 24-Sep-2004
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Contact: Louis de Saussure
Contact Email: Chronos at Lettres.unige.ch
Meeting URL: http://www.unige.ch/lettres/latl/chronos

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics
Call Deadline: 10-Feb-2004

Meeting Description:

Chronos is a conference dedicated to current research on syntax,
semantics and pragmatics of tenses, mood and aspect.

Chronos est une conférence consacrée à la recherche contemporaine en
syntaxe, sémantique et pragmatique du temps, de la modalité et de
l'aspect. Version française:

Chronos conference is held every two years. Former conferences took
place in Groningen (2002), Nice (2000), Valenciennes (1998), Brussels
(1997) and Dunkerque (1995).

Special topic for Chronos 6:

The role of linguistic and pragmatic information in temporal relations

Submissions are encouraged but not restricted to the special topic.

A session within the conference will be specifically dedicated to the
didactics of tenses, mood and aspect in romance.

Talks can be given in English or French.

- ----
Confirmed Keynote Speakers

- Nicholas ASHER (UT Austin)
- Hans KAMP (Stuttgart)
- Georges KLEIBER (Strasbourg)
- Co VET (Groningue)

- ----

The conference will take place in the premises of the University of
Geneva (Switzerland).  Geneva is located at the western edge of
Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). The University
campuses are located in downtown Geneva.

Special events, such as conference dinner, will be announced later.

- ----

A selection of reviewed papers will be published in the series of the
conference, the Cahiers Chronos (Amsterdam, Rodopi).

- ----
Abstract submissions and deadline

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail attachments or snail mail.

The e-mail message or the letter should must include the authors
contact information together with the exact title of the paper. The
abstract itself should not show the authors name. Abstracts will be
anonymously reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Abstracts should not exceed 2 pages, Times 12, plus references.

The email address to which submissions should be sent is:
Chronos at Lettres.unige.ch

The following file formats are accepted:
- Microsoft Word
- Adobe acrobat reader
- Rich Text Format

The snail mail address for submissions is:
	6th Chronos conference
	Dpt of linguistics
	University of Geneva
	CH 1211 GENEVA 4

The deadline for submission is FEBRUARY 10th, 2004.

A maximum of one sole-author presentation and one co-author
presentation can be allocated to any one person.

- ----
Organising Committee

Louis de SAUSSURE (University of Geneva, dpt. of Linguistics)
Jean-Marc LUSCHER (University of Geneva, School of French Language and
Jacques MOESCHLER (University of Geneva, dpt of Linguistics)
Genoveva PUSKAS (University of Geneva, dpt of Linguistics)

Scientific Committee
Jean-Michel ADAM (University of Lausanne)
Nicholas ASHER (UT Austin)
Rajesh BHATT (UT Austin)
Evelyne BERARD (University of Besançon)
Andrée BORILLO (University of Toulouse)
Jacques BRES (University of Montpellier)
Jean-Paul BRONCKART (University of Geneva)
Viviane DEPREZ (Rutgers University & ISC Lyon)
Joachim DOLZ-MESTRE (University of Geneva)
Claire FOREL (University of Geneva)
Laurent GOSSELIN (University of Rouen)
Hans KAMP (University of Stuttgart)
Georges KLEIBER (University of Strasbourg)
Christopher LAENZLINGER (University of Geneva)
Pierre LARRIVEE (Aston University, Birmingham)
Andrea ROCCI (University of Lugano)
Ur SHLONSKY (University of Geneva)
Bertrand STHIOUL (University of Geneva)
Co VET (University of Groningen)
Carl VETTERS (University of Dunkerque)
Svetlana VOGELEER (Marie-Haps Institute, Brussels)
Marcel VUILLAUME (University of Nice)
Eric WEHRLI (University of Geneva)

Supporting institutions
University of Geneva, Academic Society (Charles Bally fund)
University of Geneva, Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics
University of Geneva, School of French Language and Civilisation

- ----
Contact information
Conferences website:
Chronos at Lettres.unige.ch

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