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Subject: 14.989, Jobs: Greek Lang Instruction: Univ of Cyprus

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Date:  Thu, 03 Apr 2003 10:01:36 +0000
From:  stav at ucy.ac.cy
Subject:  Jobs: Greek Lang Instruction: Lecturer or Asst Prof, Univ of Cyprus

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 03 Apr 2003 10:01:36 +0000
From:  stav at ucy.ac.cy
Subject:  Jobs: Greek Lang Instruction: Lecturer or Asst Prof, Univ of Cyprus

University or Organization: University of Cyprus
Department: Department of Education
Rank of Job: Lecturer or Assistant Professor
Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics, Greek Language Instruction or
Curriculum Development
Required Language(s): Greek (GRK)



The University of Cyprus announces one academic position at the rank
of Lecturer or Assistant Professor:


One position at the rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor in the
following fields of study:

Greek Language Instruction or Curriculum Development

For all academic ranks, an earned doctorate from a recognized
University is required.

The official languages of the University are Greek and Turkish.  For
the above positions knowledge of Greek is necessary.

Holding a citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.

The annual gross salary for these positions (including the 13th
salary) is:

Assistant Professor    (Scale 13-14)  CY23.909 - CY32.250
Lecturer               (Scale 12-13)  CY20.191 - CY29.573

(At present CY£1 = 1.7401 Euro and CY£1 = 1.7865 Dollars).

Interested individuals must submit the following items by Friday 27th
June 2003:

I. A letter stating the academic rank or ranks for which the applicant
   is interested in, the field or fields of study and the date when
   he/she may be able to assume duties in the event of selection.

II A Curriculum Vitae (6 copies).

III A brief summary of previous work and a statement of plans for
    future research (up to 1500 words - 6 copies).

IV A list of publications (6 copies).

V Copies of the three most representative publications (6 copies).

VI Copies of degree certificates.

In addition, the applicants must ask three academic referees to send
letters of recommendation directly to the University; the names and
addresses of these referees must be submitted with the application.
Additional confidential information may be sought.  The letters of
recommendation must reach the University by Friday 27th June 2003.

The Curriculum Vitae and the statement of previous work and plans
should be written in Greek and in one international language,
preferably English.

Applications, other documents and reference letters submitted in the
past will not be considered and must be re-submitted.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The above must be delivered to the University by 2 pm Friday 27th June
2003, at the following address:

The Registrar
University of Cyprus
P O Box 20537
CY 1678 Nicosia

Tel:   +357 22 892054
Fax:  +357 22 892005

For more information the office of the Registrar or the Department of
Education may be contacted.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: The Registrar
	P O Box 20537
	Nicosia, 1678
	Applications are due by 27-Jun-2003

Contact Information:
	The Registrar or Dept of Education.
	Tel: +357 22 892054
	Fax: +357 22 892005

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