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Subject: 14.1027, Confs: Language & Development/Uzbekistan

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Date:  Fri, 04 Apr 2003 06:47:37 +0000
From:  Martin.Seviour at britishcouncil.uz
Subject:  6th International Conference on Language & Development

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 04 Apr 2003 06:47:37 +0000
From:  Martin.Seviour at britishcouncil.uz
Subject:  6th International Conference on Language & Development

6th International Conference on Language & Development
Short Title: L&D Conference

Date: 15-Oct-2003 - 17-Oct-2003
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact: Martin Seviour
Contact Email: Martin.Seviour at britishcouncil.uz
Meeting URL: http://www.ldc-tashkent.org

Linguistic Sub-field: Sociolinguistics
Subject Language: English

Meeting Description:

Sixth International Conference on Language & Development

''Linguistic Challenges to National Development and International

Sixth International Conference Language and Development
15 -17 October 2003, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of
Uzbekistan and The British Council, Tashkent are pleased to announce
the Sixth International Conference on Language and Development.

The broad themes of the conference will be:
- Language policy and its relationship to broad issue of national
development, language planning, educational provision and
- The effective design, implementation and evaluation of language and
literacy curricula in development contexts.

These issues will be approached from the perspective of policy makers,
language and literacy educators and that of multi-lateral and
bilateral donors.

The 2003 conference is the sixth in the series, which commenced in
Bangkok in 1993 and was followed by Bali in 1995, Langawi in 1997,
Hanoi in 1999 and Phnom Penh in 2001.

In addition to a full conference programme the organisers will be
arranging a variety of package options for participants who would like
to visit historic cities of Uzbekistan -Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and
Urgench - before or immediately after the conference.

For further information please visit our website on
http://www.ldc-tashkent.org or contact Martin Seviour, Deputy
Director, British Council, Tashkent at
martin.seviour at britishcouncil.uz

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