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Subject: 14.1048, Calls: Syntax/Semantics/Pragmatics; Computational Ling

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Date:  Tue, 08 Apr 2003 09:30:09 +0000
From:  shaer at zas.gwz-berlin.de
Subject:  Workshop on dislocated elements in discourse

Date:  Fri, 4 Apr 2003 19:02:49 +0200
From:  Markus Stolze <mrs at zurich.ibm.com>
Subject:  INTERACT 03 (Zurich, Sept.)

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 08 Apr 2003 09:30:09 +0000
From:  shaer at zas.gwz-berlin.de
Subject:  Workshop on dislocated elements in discourse

Workshop on dislocated elements in discourse: Syntactic, semantic &
pragmatic perspectives
Short Title: Dislocated elements

Date: 28-Nov-2003 - 30-Nov-2003
Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact: Claudia Maienborn
Contact Email: c.maienborn at rz.hu-berlin.de
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics
Call Deadline: 15-Jul-2003

Meeting Description:

Workshop on dislocated elements in discourse:
Syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic perspectives

28-30 November 2003

Zentrum fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS), Berlin

Werner Frey, Claudia Maienborn, Benjamin Shaer

Invited Speakers:	
Betty Birner (Northern Illinois University)		
Gisbert Fanselow (Universitaet Potsdam)						
Guenther Grewendorf (Universitaet Frankfurt am Main)		
Liliane Haegeman (Angellier-Université Lille/CNRS)
Hans Kamp (Universitaet Stuttgart)
Frederick Newmeyer (University of Washington)
A great deal of attention has been devoted in recent linguistic
research to the sentence's left periphery.  This work has been broad
in its scope, attracting the attention of those working in various
research paradigms and addressing a range of questions. These include
questions about the syntactic, semantic, and discourse properties of
this domain and how these differ from the properties of the sentence's
right periphery.  These also include questions about the differences
between left-peripheral (LP) arguments and adjuncts and between
various LP constructions, the interaction between LP elements and
sentence type, and the extent of cross-linguistic variation that this
domain displays.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together current research on LP
arguments and adjuncts from syntactic, semantic, and discourse
perspectives, and to examine current assumptions and claims about how
these are structured, interpreted, and related to other constituents
in a discourse. Crucial to this examination is a consideration of LP
dislocation devices such as hanging topics, left-dislocation,
topicalization, and focalization and their similarities and
differences across languages.

Specific questions to be addressed include (but are not limited to):

- What is the relation between the position and interpretation of LP
elements? How different are left-peripheral and right-peripheral
occurrences of the same expression?

- Is the left periphery structured in a uniform way across different
constructions in the same language and across different languages? If
not, what kind of variation does this domain display? What diachronic
processes might be involved in this variation?

- To what extent are the discourse properties of LP dislocation
devices determined by their syntactic and semantic properties? What
roles can the notions of 'sentence topic' and 'discourse topic' play
in helping us to understand the contribution of LP elements?

- What is the nature of the differences in the properties and
behaviour of LP arguments and adjuncts?

- What syntactic differences, if any, are associated with LP
adverbials that belong to different semantic classes (manner,
temporal, causative, etc.)?

The workshop is directed at both empirically- and
theoretically-oriented researchers. Of especial interest to the
workshop is the investigation of the syntax/semantics and
grammar/discourse interfaces.
Abstracts should be anonymous and should not exceed one A4 page
(12-point font, 2.5-cm (1-inch) margins), with one extra page
permitted for examples and references. We strongly encourage
electronic submission of abstracts as PDF or MS Word files. Please
give 'Dislocated elements workshop' as the subject of your e-mail, and
provide your name and affiliation and the title of your paper in the
body of your e-mail text.


Please send your abstract to:
Werner Frey/Claudia Maienborn/Benjamin Shaer
frey at zas.gwz-berlin.de
c.maienborn at rz.hu-berlin.de
shaer at zas.gwz-berlin.de

Street address:
Zentrum fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Jaegerstr. 10/11
10117 Berlin, Germany

Links to more information about the ZAS and the conference:

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Date:  Fri, 4 Apr 2003 19:02:49 +0200
From:  Markus Stolze <mrs at zurich.ibm.com>
Subject:  INTERACT 03 (Zurich, Sept.)

(9th IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction)

September 1-5, 2003 - Zürich, Switzerland

The submission deadline for

* Video papers (4 pages paper in main proceedings)
* Short papers (4 pages paper in main proceedings)
* Interactive posters (4 pages paper in main proceedings)
* Special interest groups (1 page paper in main proceedings)
* Student posters (1 page paper in main proceedings)

is Monday April 28.

Electronic submission is encouraged.

For submission details see the INTERACT 2003
website http://www.interact2003.org/

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