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Subject: 14.1129, Confs: Syntax/Semantics/RI USA

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Date:  Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:13:30 +0000
From:  pauline_jacobson at brown.edu
Subject:  Direct Compositionality: A Worskhop

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:13:30 +0000
From:  pauline_jacobson at brown.edu
Subject:  Direct Compositionality: A Worskhop

Direct Compositionality: A Worskhop
Short Title: Direct Compositionality

Date: 19-JUN-03 - 21-JUN-03
Location: Providence, RI, United States of America
Contact: Pauline Jacobson
Contact Email: directcomp at cog.brown.edu
Meeting URL: http://cog.brown.edu:16080/directcomp/

Linguistic Sub-field: Syntax, Semantics

Meeting Description:

This is an NSF-funded 3 day workshop to be held at Brown University,
Providence RI on June 19-21, 2003.  The aim of the workshop is to
examine the feasibility of the hypothesis of direct compositionality.
This is the hypothesis that the syntax and semantics of natural
language work in tandem (and without use of mediating levels of
representation like LF).

Workshop on Direct Compositionality: Registration and Housing
Information (May 18 Deadline for On-campus housing!)

Registration and housing reservations forms for the Workshop on Direct
Compositionality (June 19-21, Brown University) are now available at:

The form can be printed out and returned to the Brown University
Conference Services.

The full list of speakers and schedule will be posted soon, but the
registration form is being made available now because the deadline for
guaranteeing On-Campus housing is May 18.  Dormitory-style rooms
(singles) are available for $38 a night, and a limited number of
hotel-style rooms at the Inn at Brown are available for $110 a night.
Both of these are within very close walking distance of the conference
site.  Additional information will be posted about local hotels within
driving distance of Brown.

A limited amount of crash space will also be available for students on
a first-come first-serve basis.  Since this will indeed be limited,
interested people are advised to let us know as soon as possible!

All inquiries, including for crash space, should be addressed to:
	directcomp at cog.brown.edu

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