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Date:  Sat, 19 Apr 2003 08:30:07 +0000
From:  honeybop at edgehill.ac.uk
Subject:  11th Manchester Phonology Meeting

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Date:  Sat, 19 Apr 2003 08:30:07 +0000
From:  honeybop at edgehill.ac.uk
Subject:  11th Manchester Phonology Meeting

11th Manchester Phonology Meeting
Short Title: 11mfm

Date: 22-MAY-03 - 24-MAY-03
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact: Patrick Honeybone
Contact Email: honeybop at edgehill.ac.uk
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Phonology, Phonetics, Historical Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The Eleventh Manchester Phonology Meeting (11mfm) is the latest in a
series of meetings which have become one of the key conferences for
phonologists from all corners of the world. In an informal atmosphere,
we discuss a wide range of topics, including the phonological
description of languages, phonological theory, phonological
acquisition, phonological change and the interface between phonology
and neighbouring disciplines (phonetics, sociolinguistics,
psycholinguistics, etc.)

There is no conference theme, but, following the success of such
sessions in previous years, a special themed session has been
organised on 'Historical Phonology And Phonological Theory'.

SPECIAL SESSION SPEAKERS (in alphabetical order):
* Mark Hale (Concordia)
* Paul Kiparsky (Stanford)
* Aditi Lahiri (Konstanz)
* April McMahon (Sheffield)

This is the mfm organising committee. The first named is the main
organiser - if you would like to attend or if you have any queries
please feel free to get in touch (honeybop at edgehill.ac.uk, or phone
+44 (0)1695 584244).

* Patrick Honeybone (Edge Hill College of Higher Education)
* Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
* Wiebke Brockhaus-Grand (University of Manchester)
* Philip Carr (Université de Montpellier - Paul Valéry)
* Jacques Durand (Université de Toulouse - Le Mirail)
* Nigel Vincent (University of Manchester) Eleventh Manchester
Phonology Meeting - programme and booking

22-24 MAY 2003

Manchester, UK

Special session: 'Historical Phonology and Phonological Theory'

- --------------------------------------

We are pleased to announce that the programme for the Eleventh
Manchester Phonology Meeting (11mfm) has been posted on the website,
along with a booking form:


As well as the special session's focus on Historical Phonology, the
programme for the main sessions features papers and posters on a very
wide range of phonological topics.

People not presenting at the conference are, of course, welcome to
attend. We would be very grateful if all bookings could be sent in by
8th May. A late fee applies after this date.

- --------------------------------------

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