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Date:  Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:39:19 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Scott Fults <swf at wam.umd.edu>
Subject:  University of Maryland Mayfest 2003

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Date:  Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:39:19 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Scott Fults <swf at wam.umd.edu>
Subject:  University of Maryland Mayfest 2003


University of Maryland at College Park
May 15th-17th 2003

For the past ten years, the Department of Linguistics of the
University of Maryland at College Park has held a conference each
year, called Mayfest.

This year's topic is "The Emergence of Meaning". The speakers, whose
research covers both theoretical linguistics and psycholinguistics,
share an interest in semantics and the development of semantic
competence. Details for Mayfest 2003 are available at


The conference will include an extended tutorial on Semantic Theory on
May 15th. On each of the following days, May 16th and May 17th, there
will be four talks and two commentaries.

Program (*)
May 15th (afternoon)
Terence Parsons (UCLA)

May 16th (morning)
Anna Szabolcsi and Bill Haddican (New York U.)
"Conjunction meets Negation: A Study in Cross-linguistic Variation"

Sergey Avrutin (Utrecht U.)
"Determiners and Other Functional Categories in Child Language and
Aphasic Speech: A Cross-linguistic Investigation"

Commentator: Martin Hackl (Pomona College)

May 16th (afternoon)
Julie Sedivy (Brown University)
"Gricean Inferencing in Language Processing and Development:
Automatizing the Integration of Linguistic Form with Situational

Mark Baker (Rutgers University)
"Nouns vs. Adjectives: Distinction and Integration"

Commentator: Irene Heim (MIT)

May 17th (morning)
Richard Larson (SUNY-Stony Brook)
"The Projection of DP Structure"

Ken Wexler (MIT)

Commentator: Peter Gordon (Teacher's College - Columbia U.) (To be

May 17th (afternoon)
Peter Ludlow (University of Michigan)
"The Logical Form of Determiners"

Julien Musolino (Indiana University)
"The emergence of quantificational competence"

Commentator: John Trueswell (U. of Pennsylvania) (To be confirmed)

(*) specific times for the talks will be available soon.

For more details, please visit our website:


Mayfest 2003
1401 Marie Mount Hall
Linguistics Department
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20740

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